Why should you perform Content Audits in websites?

Step 2: Define Goals and Metrics

A content audit is a time-consuming process, hence it is important to interpret the objectives of a well-structured content campaign. The major goal of a content audit is to improve search engine results and audience engagement.

Some of the potential data points to collect are:

  • Page Title with its length
  • Target Keyword
  • Inbound Links and Meta Descriptions
  • Image ALT Tags
  • Page Visits and score
  • Word count
  • Page Bounce Rate and average time on page
  • Number of social shares
  • Conversion data
  • It is much important to know about the broken links, working status of the linked images and videos, and content score on the readability scale. A proper setting in the metrics can help in organizing the contents comprehensively. The contents should be engaging and relevant so that it can be navigated easily and appears mobile-friendly for access to all users.

    Step 3: Analyze your data and content thoroughly

    Each data point needs to be analyzed for missing information as well as separate the most successful and most adverse keywords based on the data. This helps in understanding the improvements in pages and strategies that should be incorporated into your website.

    The contents should be checked under relevant topics for comprehensive scoring, well-organized logical layout, timely and accurate information, and authenticity page-to-page flow.

    Step 4: Draw an action plan for improved performance

    A well-conducted content audit can improve organic search traffic to the website with increased performance and better rankings. An easy way to perform action plans is to create a column in the spreadsheet and add a label to it. Each piece of content can have an own plan for the future with detailed information about tasks and assigned resources for simple and secure reference.

    Step 5: Process new content marketing strategies

    With the audit results, frame new content marketing strategies that help you to improve your website in overall user experience and performance. A content audit can fine-tune your digital marketing perspective with various tools and domain content snapshots.

    It is vital to understand the weaknesses of the contents on the website and work on the developments for an effective content marketing strategy.

    To conclude:

    The process of auditing all of your site pages can give a clear idea to manage your website effectively. The methods involved in the content audit may be different based on the goals and needs but the results are likely to be rapid and efficient.

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