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Brainstem – Education ERP

Creating digital campuses with our comprehensive Education ERP software

Meets educational demands. Creates endless campus possibilities.
Better access to student or staff information.


Brainstem – Education ERP software is a novelty solution of AES Technologies Private Limited. The product aims to provide the technological support for educational institutions by automating the complex data management process. When the demand for the education becomes higher, the institutions face difficulties in handling the activities including admissions, section wise student information, students or staff attendance, student examinations, results, course management, and records on passed out students.


Our end to end education ERP solution is designed to suit any educational institution by automating their campus administration, student or staff management, attendance, inventory management, Finance and payroll processes. The brainstem is a web based software that requires no installation and works seamlessly on the web browser with Internet connection. Our campus management software acts as a campus information system by providing excellent access to the student data, empower staffs to access the HR or payroll features, allows sharing of information to internal or external locations, build user relationships and enables clear communication between management, staffs, and students.


Are traditional teaching methods not serving anymore? Switch to a suitable educational ERP software for endless digital campus experiences.

Our product Brainstem is comprehensive Education ERP software developed for schools and universities. The web-based ERP application organizes and manages the campus operations and activities with various technology modules. Every process based on academic and non-academic management is automated and made simple for students and faculties with our product.

Brainstem education ERP suite
takes charge

  • 01

    Attendance Management

    Automated attendance management system enables to maintain staff attendance with accurate values.

  • 02

    Fee Management

    Facilitates the students to enroll in a new account, access their course or academic information and pay their fees online.

  • 03

    Hostel Management

    Hostel management organizes all hostels in the campus by managing the hostel admission, reservation of rooms, mess, hostel inventory and hostel fee.

  • 04

    Library Management

    Library management controls the books, e-books, journals, magazines, newspapers, periodicals and other documents in the campus library by maintaining a catalog. It keeps track of the book transactions, book availability, late returns, and also allows finding the status of library assets.

  • 05

    Course Management

    Course management allows managing the courses of colleges and universities along with its duration, fee, course in-charge and other parameters. It also allows to control the course of admission, time-table, enrolled students, course facilities, and more.

  • 06

    Staff Management

    The staff management process in brainstem tracks the staff attendance with the integration of the biometric device. It helps to process staff payroll, monitors employee performance and facilitates in employee self-service. It allows the users to manage their leaves and permissions.

  • 07

    Inventory & Purchase Management

    Inventory management in Brainstem manages the entire campus inventory management lifecycle by controlling purchase, stock transfer, stock consumption, stock details, capturing stocks and managing stock availability.

  • 08

    Centralized database

    Brainstem maintains a centralized database for storing of student or staff information, administration, payroll, HR, accounts, students or staff attendance, course information, and staff or students performance — this allows the authorized user of any departments to access the student or staff information.

  • 09

    Real-time information

    AES education ERP allows staffs to add or update the student/ staff attendance, grades and provides access to accurate, real-time information whenever required.

  • 10


    Enables the management to handle the available resources and funds efficiently and take effective business decisions.

  • 11


    Brainstem allows users to track the metrics on real-time, assists in the day to day operations and engages the users with periodic reporting.

Education ERP


  • 01

    Student Information System

  • 02

    Library Management System

  • 03

    Human Resource Management System

  • 04

    Fee Management

  • 05

    Course Management

  • 06

    Inventory and Purchase management

  • 07

    Hostel Management System

  • 08

    System Reports & Summary

  • 09


  • Image Student Information System

    Brainstem student information system captures the personal and academic information of students during admission.

    The module obtains the scanned copies of Student’s photos, previous educational certificates and other required proofs before admission.

    The module generates a unique roll no for every student during enrollment.

    Student information system maintains a comprehensive record on all students in the campus.

    The module allows the teachers or parents to access the student information by entering their roll no.

    Sub modules

    • Student Registration with personal and academic
    • Creation of ID Cards for Students
    • Systemized complete selection process
    • Student database enrollment
  • Image Fee Management

    Brainstem Fee Management module improves the parent’s engagement with the software by making a fee payment and accessing their children performance.

    It streamlines the fee processing by capturing various types of student fees and assists in the scheduling of fee collection, provides notifications and reminders on unpaid fee, generates periodic reports on total fee collected.

    It provides role-based access to the users by facilitating the parents to access the fee payments and admin can manage the paid fees and generate the report.

    Sub modules

    • Online fee payment (payment gateway integration)
    • Fee Reminder notice, and due Fee details
    • Paid & Unpaid fee report (Month-wise, year-wise)
    • Total Fee Collection Report for specific month / year
    • Daily fee Collection settlement
    • Miscellaneous fee integration
  • Image Hostel Management System

    Hostel management system is a comprehensive module that covers the number of hostels present in the institution, students accommodated in the hostel, allotted rooms, reserved rooms, fee processing and other hostel facilitates.

    The module covers various aspects of managing the hostel by avoiding paperwork and providing the security to the stored records.

    It helps the management to track the daily expenses of the hostel by generating real-time hospital records within a single click.

    The user can customize the module by defining the hostel fee structure, student information, room allocation, staff information, food charges and more.

    Sub modules

    • Admission
    • Room allocation
    • Mess management
    • Attendance
    • Integration with canteen
    • Impression management
  • Image Library Management System

    Brainstem library management system maintains the records of the entire library catalog along with the whole book transactions and availability of books in the library.

    Categorize the books based on the subjects and departments.

    Maintain the library records according to the availability of books, magazines, thesis, and newspapers.

    Facilitates in collecting fine for the late returns.

    Generates automated real-time reports on the total books, available books, issued books, students’ id, pending returns, issued magazines and more.

    Enables the authenticated users to access the status of the books

    Sub modules

    • Customizable Fine Settings for different member categories
    • Students, Books Records Management.
    • Import & Export of Books & Members records in Excel Format.
    • Fine Balances Of Members
    • Book & member issued and returns History
    • Tracking of returns and book & member issued
    • Recovery of lost books
    • Printing & Reading Bar-Code Facility
  • Image System Reports & Summary

    The system reports and summary module generates the reports on the following:

    • Monthly or Yearly Fee Collection Reports
    • Department wise Report
    • Student Wise Report
    • Service Summary
    • Department wise detailed report Collection Summary Report
    • Month/Year Wise Collection Comparison
    • Fee Printing
    • Balance Payment Report

    Sub modules

    • Additional Reports
    • Class Room Summary
    • Character Certificate
    • Transfer Certificate
    • Admission Register
    • Admission form
    • Fee Register
  • Image Course Management

    Course management enables the staffs to create new courses along with its duration, in charge faculty, and other course attributes.

    It allows students to choose the course along with its associated modules such as timetable, course admission, classrooms and more.

    Course management provides a comprehensive report on course commencement date, the number of students enrolled, in charge faculties, course overview and more.

    Sub modules

    • Degree and Course syllabus Management
    • Management of Academic records
    • Test and Results publishing
  • Image Human Resource Management System

    HR management system provides better data visibility to users by empowering the employees to access their payroll information.

    It generates real-time records on staff attendance, payroll, and staff performance.

    HRMS provides authenticated access to the users and enables the employees to obtain leave or salary benefits.

    Sub modules

    • Employee Information Management
    • Payroll
    • Time and Attendance
    • Employee Self Service (ESS)
    • Mobile App (Android / iOS)
  • Image Inventory and purchase management

    Inventory and purchase management handles purchase, stock availability, and consumption details.

    It handles the movement of stocks between different stores within your institution.

    It helps to monitor the stock transfer, movement of stocks, stocks issued, and status of stocks.

    It tracks the internal transfer of stocks within the institution by capturing the entire store details.

    Sub modules

    • Transactions Related to Purchase and Transfer
    • Stock Register
    • Current Stock Position
    • Consumption Details
    • Daily Goods Receipt/ Issue Register
    • Purchase Order
    • Purchase Order Status
    • Item-wise Supplier Details
    • Short Item Details
    • Purchase Status, Item Issue, and Stock Ledger Details
    • Invoice Orders
  • Image Integrations

    AES Education ERP seamlessly integrates with the effective brainstem mobile application and provides handy access to students or staffs information.

    It eases the payroll or fee calculation by integrating with the tally software and provides instantaneous notifications through SMS.

Benefits of Brainstem

  • Brainstem saves paper by storing electronic records on student/staff information and automates the administrative processes.
  • It connects with multiple departments and campuses by supporting the administration to handle the schools or colleges in different locations.
  • With Brainstem mobile application, the user can gain handy access to their data at anywhere and anytime.
  • Brainstem cut administrative costs and assists in student development.
  • It avoids long-standing queues in front of fee counters with online fee payment option
  • It improves the employee performance by facilitating independent access to the staff information and creates employee incorporation with management.
  • HRMS module automates payroll calculation and managing of employee attendance.

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