Hospital Management Software India Hospital Management Software India

Hospital Management Software India

I.C.E. Apple™ is a comprehensive web based ERP software solution for hospitals and Laboratories associated with several collection centers.

In the era of supporting paperless information management system, I.C.E. Apple™ is known to be a key software for hospital management information system which is believed by several hundreds of our clients. It is observed from the customers that the Patient care, Productivity and Profitability have been enhanced after use.

I.C.E. Apple

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Healthcare Providers

We’ll help you create EMR and EHR solutions, practice and laboratory management software, hospital-wide asset tracking systems, point of care (POC) and population health management (PHM) tools, AI-powered data ecosystems, and applications supporting remote patient monitoring

I.C.E. Apple


Web based Laboratory Information System, Android Mobile Application for Patient/Doctor & PRO, Enable home collection & appointment management, Separate module for histopathology & microbiology lab reports

Online patient lab report, Interfacing of graph from equipment in lab reports, Interfacing of digital images in lab reports, Center wise / Department wise / Doctor wise / Panel Wise / Franchise wise Business analysis, Doctor/ Center / PRO Performance Tracker

I.C.E. Apple


System Implementation on time, within budget and to the right quality, Leveraging intelligent – innovative – adaptive – high performance solutions, Expert Support 24 * 7, Comprehensive SLA(Service Level Agreements), Supporting large and critical applications

Ensuring reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and a significant Return on Investment, Reduced over 70% of the paper cost and saved the revenue, Improved the hospital / laboratory information management environment and eventually increased the patient revisits.

I.C.E. Apple

Have I.C.E. Apple™ ! Experience the healing touch!

I.C.E. Apple™ is a comprehensive web based ERP software solution for hospitals and Laboratories associated with several collection centers. Now, more than ever, patients participate in their own care, and products must be as user-friendly as they are reliable and affordable. We bring you the highest standards of performance with an emphasis on usability.

Healthcare Software Solutions

Holistic hospital management & information system – Affordable,
Robust and customized ERP solution for your hospital/clinic

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    Hospital Information System

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    Laboratory Information System

  • 03

    Radiology Information System

  • 04

    Picture Archiving and
    Communication System

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