Secondary sales distributors directly deal with retailers or customers, which involves management of larger field teams. Companies fumble due to unknown loop holes while collecting data from various touch points like coordinating with retailers, customers, suppliers, inventory and transportation etc.

More importantly tracking sales representatives on their current locations and getting visibility on day- to-day sales and in hand stock details on daily basis is always a business challenge. Manually preparing these sales and stock reports are highly prone to mistakes and hence there will be no noticeable improvement.

With the help of secondary sale management software various operations like retailers, suppliers, inventory and transportation becomes hassle free. Blubery is one of the most powerful secondary sales management software which is a boon to the companies whose core channel is secondary sales and provides an understanding to the various levels.

Key Benefits

  • Cost effective solution
  • Enables to cover larger area for sales
  • Streamline ordering and invoicing processes to reduce overhead cost
  • Accurate reports and systemic management led to increase in revenue generation

Blubery’s Salient Features

  • Multi-ware house Inventory Management

  • Sales Distribution Route Assignment & Tracking

  • Sales order management

  • Sales order management

  • Report analysis

  • Invoice Management

  • Payment & collection

  • Point of sale

  • 01Multi-ware house Inventory Management

    Blubery meets key requirement for multi – warehouse inventory management. With this centralized management tool one can effortlessly split inventory amongst the multiple warehouses and maintain stock per warehouse. This module consists of various features like warehouse management, vehicle management, manage warehouse racks, manage rack cam, manage dynamic rack and manage order request. This secondary sales management software helps to manage wide range of product categories. Most importantly it alerts the warehouse in – charge or the manager for the low stock indication. Automated stock pick list will help the concerned person to identify the right product at time of dispatch.

  • Sales Distribution Route Assignment and Tracking02

    Blubery is a robust application that facilitates the sales manager to plan and assign locality wise retail distribution routes to salesman. It ensures accuracy in live tracking the sales representatives. With help of this module assigning the specific location range to the sales representatives and getting the live updates from them become more simplified and time saving.

  • 03Sales order management

    The processes of tracking, approving, scheduling and delivering are lifelines of the business. Blubery’s functionality provides incomparable visibility into all the above mentioned processes and by automating it ensures all the processes are completed with utmost efficiency by eliminating unnecessary steps. By providing accurate sales and real-time data it helps the growing business flourish. The prime functionality of Sales order management consist of order management, pick list management and cancelled orders.

  • 04Track order and delivery

    In larger companies multiple people are involved in order and delivery processing which make the process more complicated and cumbersome. So this might affect the work flow progress and monitoring becomes exhausting. Our secondary sales management software offers excellent solution for track order and delivery process. It is the most dependable method to operate companies of any size. By implementing Blubery application, pending invoice processing and scheduling daily dispatch for the retail salesman becomes much simpler than it sounds.

  • 05Report analysis

    Report analysis collaborated with live data is one of the distinctive features of Blubery. Our application’s powerful calculation engine optimizes real time reports with factual information which will help the company to know their conspicuous situation. Our secondary sales management software provides analytical reports for sales, delivery, collection and stock management.

  • 06Invoice Management

    It‘s so unfortunate that most of the businesses consider invoicing as toil. Certainly they should understand that invoicing is a necessity which will stimulate and improve the cash flow of the business. Here’s how Blubery application helps with their simplified invoice management. Invoice management centralizes the process and improves the invoice cash flow. This module compresses the following functionalities like generating online invoice, Bluetooth mobile printing at retailer’s point, billing with all taxes, debit and credit adjustments, offers and discounts can also be included and invoice copy will be sent to the customer by email.

  • 07Payment and collection

    Payment and collections are heart of the business. It should be handled efficiently and without any error. So a flawless systematic approach should be in place to uphold the process. Blubery’s dynamic payment and collection module is a blessing in disguise which includes features like tracking the payments made throughout the day, simplified online payments through mobile application and retrieving outstanding payments details.

    08Point of sale

    Point of sale is the most significant feature of Blubery. With the help of Point of sales module, companies can directly serve small group of customers or a single customer. This will enable the company to reach more number of people and facilities their growing business.


Our Secondary sales management software Blubery is developed with Angular, the latest technology to provide rich user experience and performance. It is well-designed with due consideration for maintainability, extensibility, reliability and scalability

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