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An effective sales pitch is made through our extensive PPC advertising services ranges from Keyword research to analytics interruption

PPC or pay per click is the fastest way to reach your potential customer; our PPC campaign will benefit all small and medium scale companies by obtaining bigger opportunities in their online business. Our PPC advertising service will display your business ads in the search results and provide you the complete control over the keywords, adverts, and budget. We track your ad progress, conversions rate and work towards the improvement. Our SEO experts assure success in pay per click advertising through Google AdWords, Yahoo advertising, Bing ads, Facebook ads and Twitter promotional tweets.

At AES technologies, we ensure that your ad occupies a prominent position when your customer seek your business, products or services.

With our experience in handling varied clients from small scale to large sized businesses, we build the enduring relationship with our clients by providing them end to end PPC services that raise their revenue and generate expected sales conversions; our search engine marketing services are widely categorized as follows.

Why Digital Marketing Service

  • 01. Define a strategy

    We frame a SEM strategy by learning your business objectives, pitfalls, challenges and unique business requirements. Our PPC professionals ensure that our strategy suits your brand needs and approach it with effective PPC services.

  • 02. Keyword Research

    Our keyword research practice will find all possible search terms that your customers enter into the search engines to find the products or services that your business provide. And, we promptly implement those keywords in the content to distribute through online channels.

  • 03. Monitoring Analytics and reporting

    We review your analytics and gather customer insights to find their browsing behavior; our experts believe in gathering customer data would in turn help in empowering ad campaign and provide business value.

  • 04. Contextual advertising

    We deliver content matching contextual advertisement or native ads on websites, web portals, news feeds, and social media sites. Our service also makes sure that your ads are delivered to the relevant audience in order to raise your conversions.

  • 05. Search campaign audit

    We audit your paid search campaigns and decide new ways to reduce the costs and improve its efficiency.

  • 06. Interrupt analytics

    Our PPC experts review your analytics and interrupt the results to identify the key areas that should be triggered for your benefit.

  • 07. Google AdWords Campaign

    Our AdWords campaign includes a diverse of ad groups wherein each ad group, we include several ad texts based on the keywords that audience frequently use in the search engine. We categorize the ad campaign according to geography, segmentation, and type of the product. Our service also ensures that the campaign is displayed to the right audience and make sure we do not spend more on the keywords that do not provide the expected results. With our Google AdWords campaign service, we assure guaranteed traffic, high CTR, lowest CPC or cost per click, expected paid search rankings, and great quality score.

  • 08. Google Adsense (CPC)

    Our Google AdSense service provides the expected profit to the website publisher by posting the contextual ads, video ads, and image advertisements on the website. We gain income from the ads when the website visitors view or click the posted advertisements. Our SEO experts create interactive ad types with the mix of video, image, and text, place the ads effectively to avoid visitor annoyance and execute the advertisement to the online audience; we manage your earnings from the advertisements and report periodically.

  • 09. Facebook Advertising

    Our SEO team leverages Facebook ads to obtain social media reach without spending more money on your budget; we post customized ads to promote your business that appears in news feeds or columns of the Facebook page. By advertising on Facebook, we gather important insights of your potential customers that help us in enhancing audience targeting and creating the best advertising experience.

  • 10. Twitter Marketing

    We market your business by improving your website traffic through tweets, and gain relevant followers by sharing informative content, driving audience through promotional activities, interacting with the audience through re-tweets, networking among the audience, branding your business, and reputation management.

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