Home Textile ERP software Home Textile ERP software

Home Textile ERP software

A comprehensive home textile ERP suite - TexSavvy to meet the end-to-end activities of home textile businesses from sales to shipment.

Modernize/Digitize your home textile business using TexSavvy

Our TexSavvy ERP software will enable to convert all your manual process to digital with complete automation. Our software is a comprehensive one stop solution to cater the home textile industry needs from Sales to order fulfillment.

HRMS – a stand-alone offering covering functions like attendance tracking and payroll process specific to home textile industry.


Home Textile ERP Software

AES is one of the leading IT software solution providers which
offers specialized ERP for Home Textile businesses.
Our Textile ERP software – TexSavvy is a web-based application
which can be accessed through secure internet connection in
desktop and laptop across different location with rich look and feel.

#1 Home Textile ERP Solution for Home Textile Businesses

We aim to provide a user-friendly system that meets your evolving day-to-day business needs and seamlessly serve all your customer demands.

TexSavvy covers the entire value chain of home textile functions from cost estimation & quote generation followed by sale order creation, material requirement planning, purchase of raw material, production planning, production & inspection, finished good stocking and finally shipping the product against sale order. Finance module captures the activities from necessary functions to handle revenue and expenses.

With TexSavvy, experience smarter way of working by reducing redundant data entry & human errors, intuitive user experience, and much more.

Our Home Textile ERP Solution

Our Home Textile ERP solution caters to all the home textile industry sub segments


  • Warping
  • Sizing
  • Weaving
  • Inspection & stocking


  • Production plan
  • Batching
  • Bleaching
  • Dyeing
  • Finishing
  • Inspection & stocking


  • Production plan
  • Cutting
  • Sewing
  • Embroidery, washing
  • Inspection
  • Ironing/Folding
  • Packing & stocking

Best ERP Software for Home Textile Industry

Functional areas

Functional areas addressed by AES Home Textile ERP Solution

  • Costing

  • Order management

  • Order planning

  • Material planning

  • Purchase management

  • Production planning & management

  • Quality management

  • Inventory management

  • Logistics

  • Finance & Accounts

Technologies powering TexSavvy


Benefits of AES Home Textile ERP

  • Multiple order types – Make to order, Make to stock, Trading, Sample
  • Order-type based application flow
  • Monitor multiple operations of multiple units from one place
  • Instant access to on-time data
  • Gain control of multi-location data
  • Accurate operational and MIS reports
  • Role based access control for data privacy
  • Approvals ensure cascading right data

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