Why use Mobile Commerce (m-commerce) for businesses?

Why business should opt for m-commerce?

The onboarding of an eCommerce mobile application starts with a simple registration process. Next, the product images and descriptions in your mobile application or website should be optimized. The checkout process on the application must be short and payment gateways should have maximum payment options. Enter an analytics tracker and provide customer support services that aid mobile-based platforms.

It is important to understand and identify the evolving industry needs and gain insights about competitor campaigns along with traffic sources for a successful affiliate marketing strategy. Some of the tools used in affiliate marketing are AdSpy, Voluum, BeMob, Binom, RedTrack, AdsBridge, Thrivetracker, SiteGround, and more.

Nowadays, m-commerce has become the most preferred mode of shopping for potential customers. Facts state that 33% of eCommerce is derived from mobile commerce. The reasons why mobile commerce is crucial for businesses:

  • Portability
  • Accessibility
  • Increased payment options
  • New market research and access to important purchase data
  • Biggest Trends in M-Commerce

    Here are the 4 latest mobile commerce trends that dominate the industry:

    1) Omni-channel experiences

    The planned m-commerce strategies should be omni-channel so that customers can get seamless shopping experiences across various channels.

    2) Mobile Chatbots

    ECommerce businesses must opt for chatbots in their mobile websites and applications that work on Natural Language Processing (NLP) to provide advanced and conversational experiences to buyers.

    3) Proximity Marketing

    Proximity marketing is used to target people within a particular radius through the creation of ‘beacons’ – small devices that can send Bluetooth signals to mobile devices of nearby customers who have downloaded your application.

    4) Faster one-page checkouts

    67% of consumers confess going to ‘digital window shopping’ for entertainment and in those, 77% make purchases based on the needs.

    One-click checkouts and digital wallets have improved mobile conversions by up to 10% as it gives a more convenient mobile experience.


    Traditional eCommerce purchases are dead! Stay ahead of your competitors; make mobile-friendly business ventures. Harness the power of mobile commerce and mobile applications as it continues to expand daily. Invest in a unique stack of m-commerce techniques that can interact between any chosen channels seamlessly.

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