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How Email Marketing improves business ROI? Email Marketing

How Email Marketing improves business ROI?

  • September 27, 2019
  • 10min read
  • Over 200+ billions of emails are sent every single day and this is estimated to increase to about 259 billion by 2020. Email is one of the highly utilized modes of communication in the world and it is projected to keep growing. Sending an email takes a lot of effort and time. This is when businesses should choose email marketing to make life easier.

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is a successful tactic used to improve the sales and conversions of a business. Marketing your products and services via email is one of the flexible and cost-effective methods to reach new customers and retain existing customers with repeat website visits. It allows you to create personalized and targeted messages that can create a big impact on your bottom line.

Let’s have a look at the recent statistics on mobile app popularity among small scale businesses:

Interesting stats about Email Marketing:

  • About 59% of respondents say email marketing influences customer purchase decisions.
  • 93% of B2B marketers make use of emails to distribute contents.
  • 85% of B2B companies believe e-mail newsletters are most critical to their content marketing success.
  • It is predicted that the US will spend over 350 million dollars on email advertising this year.
  • Over 35% of business professionals check email on mobile devices.
  • More than 59% of marketers say email is their considerable source of ROI.

Businesses use e-mail marketing to promote their products and services efficiently. It helps to manage communication in a business network as well as improve collaboration and sharing.

The potential customers are informed on the important updates and notifications via emails that result in building trust and valuable relationships with prospects and leads.

  • Advantages of Email Marketing

    According to the Fourth Source website, 92% of internet users have at least one email account. A study by McKinsey & Company reported that email marketing is 40 times more effective than social media. In simple words, email marketing increases productivity, efficiency, and return-on-investment (ROI) of a business.

The benefits of using a perfect email marketing
strategy for your business:

  • 01

    Increased company revenue

    Email marketing continues to be one of the most important strategies in digital marketing techniques that drive greater revenue for a business. A huge number of consumers engage with brands through email marketing every year and the new email users are one of the contributing factors to high email marketing ROI and revenue growth.

  • 02

    Improved sales conversions

    Email marketing helps in improving the number of sales and conversions of a business. Email marketing optimizes lead nurturing process with the following metrics measurements: lead acceleration, engagement, and revenue impacts.

  • 03

    Increased website traffic

    One of the biggest marketing challenges faced by businesses is to generate traffic. Email marketing is an effective method to drive relevant traffic and high-quality leads to websites that influence more conversions.

  • 04

    Expanded brand awareness

    Email marketing campaigns are used to amplify brand awareness that helps to engage with your leads consistently and directly. This can build trust and establish valuable relationships with prospects and customers that gradually improve return on investments.

Email Marketing Campaign

An email marketing campaign is an email sent from a business to one or more prospects or customers. A successful email marketing campaign helps to generate qualified leads, optimize business ROI, as well as improve sales conversions.

Effective Email Marketing Tips to build a successful campaign

A well-crafted email marketing strategy helps businesses to drive conversions and boost revenue. Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels that account for 23% of sales approximately. It helps to grow your business quickly as well as achieve the overall marketing goals.

Have a look at the practical email marketing tips that helps to improve sales:

  • 01

    Understand your audience

    Knowing your audience is the first and foremost step in an email marketing campaign. The email messages sent to your subscribers should be relevant to their interests. This occurs only when you know and understand your target audience.

  • 02

    Build Targeted Email lists

    It is important to define your goals before you plan an email marketing strategy. Some of the most common email marketing goals include:

    • Increased brand visibility
    • Improved sales and brand loyalty
    • Building trust among potential customers
    • Increased website traffic and gaining new customers

    The most successful email marketing campaigns begin with an email list full of qualified leads. The best method to build a targeted email list is to convert the website visitors into subscribers.

  • 03

    Segment and examine the email lists

    Email list segmentation enables businesses to target their consumers based on personal preferences. Segmentation is the core tactic of a successful email marketing strategy. By creating segments in email lists, you will be able to customize the communication needs and increase customer retention rates.

    Segmentation can be made based on the following relevant parameters: demographics, user behavior and engagement, buying frequency, and life-cycle stages of users. Also, it is essential to distinguish the different types of email that you can send. The three key email types are promotional emails, transactional emails, and relational emails.

  • 04

    Personalize each email

    Personalized emails are more successful than generic emails. When a unique experience is created to a customer or a prospect, it means that your email marketing works fantastic. With the power of personalization, businesses can improve their reputation and spread brand awareness.

    According to a study conducted by Campaign Monitor, emails that have personalized subject lines have a 26% more chance to get opened compared to emails that have non-personalized subject lines. Segmenting your audience based on their interests will boost your click-through-rates (CTR) by up to 50%.

  • 05

    Create amazing subject lines

    The initial point of a successful email marketing campaign is the compelling subject line, which plays a vital role in making people open and click your emails. An eye-catching subject line can grab the attention of the readers hence adding the names of the recipients in subject lines can provoke the curiosity of your customers and make positive impressions.

  • 06

    Use attractive designs

    A beautiful and attractive email design matters in a successful campaign that helps to drive business conversions. An email should be designed with a responsive template as more number of users are reading emails on mobile devices.

    Most good-looking emails contain more text than images. Also, use vertical layouts with ample white spaces for creating compelling designs.

  • 07

    Test and schedule your emails

    Through A/B testing, you can figure out the best performing and highly responsive email templates. Test different versions of your design, email content, and subject lines before sending them. Experiment the font colors, sizes, and various call-to-action (CTA) buttons. To improve your overall email marketing strategies, track and analyze CTR, bounce rate, and open rate of the website.

    Send emails on a set schedule that helps you to stay in touch with your customers. One of the best ways is to finalize an email schedule before you send the first email. Decide the frequency and timing of the emails based on your campaign objectives.

    Automate your email marketing campaigns to follow up with your customers regularly. Leverage email marketing tools such as Mail Chimp, Hub-spot, or GetResponse to make efficient campaigns.

  • 08

    Wrapping UP

    Email Marketing is a prominent way for digital marketers to build strong relationships with customers. It helps to boost revenue and expand business reach to the target audience. Take a step-by-step approach and make profits with a successful email marketing campaign.

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