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The Advancement of AR And VR Mobile Applications Mobility Solutions

The Advancement of AR And VR Mobile Applications

  • December 06, 2017
  • 10min read

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Difference Between AR and VR Technology

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  • Virtual Reality creates real-life simulations that make the people interact with the digital environment.
  • Augmented Reality, on the other hand, creates a partial immersion on the environment without creating a virtual world.
  • The AR provides transparency in offering visual experience to the client — it displays the relevant data to the clients on the real-time. Augmented Reality is also used in training employee to enhance their productivity.
  • Virtual Reality enables you to create a virtual showroom to display the product in the most attractive way – it is used for superior branding and marketing of the products. Showcasing your product in a 3D vision will draw the customers and double the profit of the business.

Benefits of AR and VR Applications

  • As AR and VR apps create a 3D vision, the customers can gain the complete visibility of the product and businesses can increase the chances of selling their goods.
  • The AR and VR apps enable the organizations to promote the products with photos and videos that allows the customer to interact with the products.
  • The AR and VR enable the customers to define their interests by placing their desired products on their home or by matching the clothes in the virtual world.
  • Using AR and VR technologies, the business sectors can provide after-sales training to their customers in the virtual space by explaining the most complex technical matters in a simple manner.

How AR and VR Applications Advantage Businesses:

The AR and VR technology are used in some of the booming industries such as real estate, gaming, e-learning, manufacturing, health-care and transport.

The AR and VR technologies provide a 3D high definition viewability where the businesses can showcase their products in a virtual world and enable the users interact with the product or services in an enhanced way. By using AR and VR in businesses, the users can save cost, build customer loyalty, create user engagement, and display the products in virtual space.

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  • 01

    Real estate

    The AR and VR technologies can benefit the real-estate business by enabling their clients to view the property in an enhanced way and provides live updates on the sq.ft, location, price, and facilities available for the particular property.

  • 02


    The AR and VR mobile apps for Android and iOS smartphones enable the businesses to create a virtual trial rooms where the buyer can choose the dress with a right fitting which may reduce the purchase returns.

  • 03


    Using the AR and VR technologies, they can view the complete structure of the machine and reduce the errors in manufacturing and utilize the raw materials in the right manner. The manufacturing industries can also monitor the progress of the equipment being manufactured.

  • 04


    The AR and VR apps can help students to learn easily in the virtual world by interpreting the objects with virtual experience. It also enables the medical students to learn and perform successful surgeries and allows engineers to learn and build space crafts.

  • 05


    The AR technology can be used in travel by providing the right directions for the user’s desired destination through connecting the GPS. The travel mobile apps also provide the real-time data on the tourist spots and cultural places in the directions.


AR and VR technologies will interest the customers and drive sales to your business. Building application with the hint of these technologies will reach the customers easily and also boost your mobile app downloads. To build the successful AR or VR application for your business choose AES iOS and Android app development services.

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