10 Advanced SEO Techniques to increase web traffic

6. User Experience Optimization

Headings are a way to improve user experience on the website. Also, multimedia elements such as audios, videos, and slideshows can help in user experience (UX) optimization.

User intent websites are highly essential as it can make or break the business. Search engine algorithms have faced a lot of changes over the last decade and the goal is to provide the users with the best relevant answers to their search queries. Searches fall under four main categories such as informational, commercial, transactional, and navigational. Hence, it is all about adding the necessary keywords to obtain user attention.

Businesses should build customer-centric websites that are easy to access with intuitive designs and personalized content. Whenever users search for a keyword related to your business, it is essential to rank higher and Google should find your website easily.

This can be achieved only through SEO. Hence, as competitions are gradually increasing, it becomes vital to have an optimized user experience.

7. RankBrain SEO

RankBrain is an artificial intelligence (AI)-based machine learning system that is used by Google to process some of the search results. It helps to refine and process Google queries as well as rank web pages. Google states RankBrain algorithms is its third most significant ranking factor.

Hence, it is essential to be updated with the Google algorithm changes to grow in the search rankings. RankBrain is used to analyze the search results and create maps related to maximum searched keywords. Marketers can use RankBrain SEO to improve their rankings in search engine results.

8. SSL certificates

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption is used to offer a high level of safety and security for users. SSL is the backbone of the secure Internet. It is the standard security technology that establishes an encrypted link between web servers and browsers. The data that passes through the site remains integral and private and cannot be tracked or hacked by malicious third parties.

It also helps to protect sensitive information such as passwords, credit card numbers, and IDs against skimmers and hackers as well as avoids data corruption. SSL is considered to be a ranking factor as it increases web traffic.

As of October 2017, half of the web is secured. SSL certifications exist as paid and free and can be obtained from a certificate authority. Users feel easy to click a secured site as their private information may be at risk with unprotected websites. The major function of an SSL certificate is to secure server-client communication. It provides encrypted connections and security for online communications.

9. Internal linking

Using outbound and internal links can help businesses to increase the credibility of websites. All the data should be linked to authoritative sources that reduce bounce rates. Internal linking can be used to target users and make them click on your blog posts. The contents need to be internally linked that helps Google crawlers to crawl new pages easily and get websites rank faster. This increases traffic and serves as a signal to search engines.

Back-links or inbound links are the incoming links to a web-page. It is one of the more social aspects of SEO and makes a tremendous impact on the position of a website in search engine results. Linking to posts within blogs is essential for boosting websites. Wikipedia has a high domain authority and is a very good example of internal linking. Site-links hold a lot of space in the search engine results page.

One back-link from a popular site is valuable and makes logical sense. Also, use Wikipedia broken links to create high authority back-links for your content.

10. Social Media presence

Every business should be active on social media. Use social media channels such as Pinterest, Quora, and SlideShare to share links of your website that increases Google search rankings and drives huge organic traffic. A strong social media presence also helps to understand the target audience better.


Thus, businesses should use these effective SEO techniques that help to monitor the performance of your website and improve search rankings.

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