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Role of Cloud Computing Company

Role of Cloud Computing

  • August 08, 2022
  • 10min read
  • Cloud is a familiar word in the “Internet “. Some believe it is the improvised form of utility computing .The definition extends to items outside firewall that exist in cloud.

    Cloud computing helps to reduce infrastructure, licensing cost.

  • 01

    Web services

    Web service providers offer API’s that enables developers to exploit functionality rather than full-blown applications. Google maps, Stock exchanges, U.S postal services all use API.

  • 02

    Platform services

    Build your own application that run on provider infrastructure, which is delivered to end user through the net from service provider.

  • 03


    Cloud based interconnection is present everywhere with range of isolated clouds with customers plugging individually. The concept of loosely coupled services makes enterprise a node in the cloud.

  • 04

    Service platforms

    Trading platform offers computing services that user interact with which are most common in financial industry.

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