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Responsive Website Design Company

Responsive web design is one of the prime requirements of website owners; today 80% of Internet users are surfing the Internet in smartphones and tablets. If your website is not compatible with all device screens, you may lose your targeted customers, to avoid the risk of losing your clients, AES technologies offers the highly responsive website design services for existing or new custom built websites.

We are expertise in serving all levels of businesses with our technical competence and domain knowlege. Responsive website design is the process of presenting all prominent information in the best way for accessing. With AES, you can own a high-quality responsive website with great UI catered for your precise business goals.

  • Our responsive web design offerings

    • Responsive website development using: AMP HTML, HTML 5, CSS 3, Angular JS, jQuery and Node Js
    • CMS responsive web development for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magneto, and Opencart
    • CMS responsive website customization for existing word press, Joomla, and Drupal websites
    • Customization of Magento and Opencart websites to responsive e-stores
  • Our technology expertise

    • AMP HTML (Accelerated Mobile Pages)
    • Semantic Grid System
    • Angular & Node Js, Customized jQuery, JavaScript, CSS3
    • Frontend Framework (Zurub foundation, bootstrap, skeleton)
    • CSS Preprocessor (Mixins, SAAS, LESS)
  • Why AES

    • Cost-effective
    • On time delivery
    • High-quality website design
    • Greater conversions
    • SEO friendly websites
    • 18+ years of industrial experience
    • W3C standard website development
    • Minimize loading time
  • Our service highlights

    • Experienced UI/UX designers
    • Customized, mobile-friendly websites for varied industrial domains
    • User-Interactive and appealing user interface
    • Futuristic and result-oriented web design
    • Assist in attaining business goals
    • Device-independent access
    • High-end graphics
    • custom web features and options
    • W3C standard website development
    • Minimize loading time

Why Responsive Web Design

  • Flexible

    Responsive web designs are like fluids which move easily in all screen sizes and resolutions; the grids and images adapt with the screen by retaining its original quality. The responsive website occupies only the allotted space to provide the same level of experience in all device screens.

  • User-friendly

    It provides optimal viewing for all users respective to their device screens. Content consumers can enjoy the great readability by searching and reading the content of their choices.

  • Search engine friendly

    All popular search engine ranks the mobile-friendly websites in the top ten positions than the other sites. It is highly recommended that a responsive web design configured for all mobile phones and devices is recognized as the best industrial practice.

  • Highly manageable

    Having two websites for mobile device and desktop requires to run two SEO campaigns, but by owning one responsive website, you can optimize the SEO campaign for both mobile and desktop users. Mobile-friendly websites are helpful in gaining local clients more easily.

  • Save cost

    By having one website for all device screens, you can save the cost of two websites for different display screens, and it also avoids the inconvenience in maintaining both websites simultaneously.

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