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Tips to improve your brand awareness with online reputation management Online Reputation Management

Tips to improve your brand awareness with online reputation management

  • September 20, 2019
  • 10min read

Tips to improve your brand awareness with online reputation management

For every business, the image of a brand should be positive to influence customer behavior and buying decisions. Nowadays, the brand reputation is highly dependent on review sites and social media. It is essential to monitor your reputation online as brand images can only make impressions on someone’s purchase decisions.

A report stated that businesses can drop up to 22% of their customers when users find one negative article about the company. Hence, protecting your brand through monitoring and influencing your reputation on customer review sites, Google, and social media is very important which looks like a difficult task. But, there are plenty of tools and strategies available that helps to manage online reputation of a business easily.

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is a key strategy to reduce the impact of negative reviews as well as establish brand awareness among target audiences.

How Online Reputation Management benefits businesses?

ORM is the practice of crafting effective strategies that shapes the public perception of an organization or individual. Online reviews are important to local businesses as they are a ranking factor and improve click-through rates from Google My Business profiles.

Some of the benefits of using ORM are:

  • Online Reputation Management drives high profits and increases trust
  • It directly impacts sales and revenue of a business
  • A strong and well-managed online reputation can make better impressions on their prospects
  • It can help in countering any negative information effectively
  • It can convert visitors to customers through positive brand images and key touch points
  • Online Reputation Management boosts SEO and builds better customer communication
  • It helps to achieve high rankings in search engine results

Reputation Management Software

The successful management of your reputation online can improve the following aspects of a brand: loyalty, awareness, and equity.

What people say about your brand matters a lot! Hence, it is helpful for small-to-mid sized businesses to use reputation management software to efficiently track and mitigate negative reviews by responding to customers online as well as make brands and products better with their feedback.

Here is the list of top reputation management software to achieve digital marketing goals of a business: ReviewTrackers, BirdEye, Podium, Yext Reviews, and Cision.

Take a look at these amazing statistics to know the importance of a strong online reputation:

  • 79% of consumers use online reviews and personal recommendations equally.
  • 84% of marketers state that building trust will be the main focus of future marketing campaigns.
  • 90% of customers say positive reviews have highly influenced their purchase decisions.
  • For 65% of internet users, online search is the most trusted source of information about people and companies.
  • More than 85% of consumers use the internet for research before making a purchasing decision.

Strategies to follow in ORM

A strong Online Reputation Management (ORM) can maintain and improve your online reputation continuously. A variety of techniques can be used to manage online reputation. Some of the popular strategies that can be leveraged for this improvement purpose are:

  • 01

    Broaden your presence on Social Media

    Having a strong social media presence is very important to reach potential customers. Also, “80% of marketers believe that social media leads to increased website traffic.” Businesses use dozens of social sites to expand their digital footprints and target specific customer base.

    The social media accounts of companies are periodically updated that can reflect the current brand image. Also, if you are aiming to reach a younger demographic, it is highly essential to have business accounts in all emerging social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and more. A powerful social media presence helps to connect with your target audience, interact with them effectively, as well as boost control over the top search results that outranks all the negative information.

  • 02

    Word of mouth and referral programs

    Use the power of word of mouth. If your customers are using your referral program and refer others to your business, they will provide reviews as well. If they can share a link with their friends, they can also share a referral and a review. By using this, you will have to integrate with a few different platforms so that you can identify the situations that will have the majority of positive effects.

  • 03

    Post positive contents regularly

    Search engines always look for latest and updated contents. If you post new contents regularly, search engines will consider these contents while indexing. When the contents are positive, the search engines will give high positions compared to the older and negative contents.

    It can also build authority and credibility. The most important part of online reputation management is content creation. Blog contents, tutorials, videos, or other forms of content can increase customer interaction and spread positive brand image. Content is also an extremely good form to request reviews from customers.

  • 04

    Remove the negative search results

    You can request the website hosting the negative review to remove or delete the review. If the comment is malicious, it will comply.

  • 05

    Respond to online reviews

    Online reputation management depends on collecting customer reviews as well as responding to any not satisfactory reviews received by your company. It is always good to apologize for their bad experience instead of ignoring the negative reviews and make an effort to conclude a solution via an email or a phone call. The reviewer will update their original feedback with a high star rating once their concerns are addressed.

    One of the most effective ways to strengthen the online reputation of a business is to let your happy customers and clients build it through online reviews. According to the 2018 Local Consumer Review Survey, 86% of people go through online reviews of a business before they make a purchase decision. Asking your customer base to provide reviews on Facebook, Google My Business, and Yelp will help businesses to generate a positive reputation and build consumer trust.

  • 06


    Online reputation management and building requires a high-level of coordination that enhances customer interaction through social media and improves business collaborations. Depending on the type of techniques used, online reputation management provides long-lasting results.

    Online Reputation Management is not a day’s activity. So, recruit an ORM agency and bring your brand into the spotlight!!

Why choose AES as your trusted ORM partner?

AES Technologies provides online reputation management services to expand your business reach globally and target your potential customers.

We convert your negative reviews ranked in branded search results to positive information, build social media communities, create a business profile, as well as promote your products and services in common social media channels using advanced techniques and software.

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