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Affiliate Marketing – What is it, Benefits, and the latest trends Digital Marketing

Affiliate Marketing – What is it, Benefits, and the latest trends

  • September 18, 2019
  • 10min read

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most popular strategies used to monetize your web contents. This online sales tactic is still growing and has been a buzzword on the internet since the late 1990s.

In simple words, it is a kind of performance-based marketing that is used to earn a commission or profit for promoting the products and services of other businesses, increase sales and website visitors by the marketing efforts taken by affiliates, as well as target the same audience through product recommendations.

Affiliates may be individuals or companies who market the products of the companies for a commission. Either you can offer an affiliate program to other companies or sign up to be a business affiliate.

A successful affiliate marketing scheme involves 4 types of parties: advertisers, publishers (affiliates), merchants (seller, brand, vendor, retailer), and consumers (customers). It is the process of driving traffic and leads to the advertiser or merchant’s website through blog posts.

Some of the interesting facts about Affiliate Marketing:

  • Affiliate programs generate on 15%–30% of all sales on an average for advertisers.
  • More than 35% of affiliates earn $20,000.
  • Over 50% of affiliate-referred traffic comes from mobile devices.
  • 81% of marketers and 84% of publishers leverage affiliate marketing.
  • The search interest for “affiliate marketing” grew by 44% in less than a year.

The Amazon Associates Platform is the biggest and successful online affiliate marketing program in the world with over 900,000 members.

“Amazon offers creators rates ranging from 1 – 10% of product revenue since 2017.”

It enables webmasters and bloggers to earn commissions through product promotions that are being sold in Amazon stores. In the United States of America, the affiliate marketing spend is estimated to hit $8.2 billion by 2022.

Affiliate Marketing is a potential money-making technique that provides capabilities to add special links to the products and services in contents. Approximately, a normal affiliate can make from $10,000 to $400,000 a year. A super affiliate can produce around $1,500,000 a year.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

The major idea of affiliate marketing is to promote other people’s products and services through an affiliate network that results in earning a reward or commission for each customer buying the product.

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    Affiliate Marketing makes passive income

    The affiliate links and blog posts will be working in the background when there are no operations and with the perfect combination of SEO and contents, affiliate marketing is a great way to generate passive income.

  • 02

    Affiliates can boost business reputation and broaden audience

    The reputation of brands and their products can be enhanced by partnering with trusted and valuable affiliates and bloggers. Affiliates are found in every market and product category and most of them will have a habitual visitor base. This can help in expansion to new markets that result in an effective online presence.

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    It gives better ROI

    Businesses have to pay only after sales have been made. This helps in obtaining a better return on investment.

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    Affiliate Marketing is cost-effective

    It is a direct marketing option that is extremely cost-effective. Businesses have to pay commissions only after the desired conversions occur. Also, new markets recruit affiliates without overhead costs.

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    Affiliate Marketing scales website traffic rapidly

    Affiliate links are used to increase referral traffic through product searches and page navigations. The more websites linking to your websites, the more you can convert those users into paid customers. It also helps to boost rankings and drive online traffic to other websites.

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    According to the latest statistics report, affiliate partnerships drive more than 20% of the annual revenue for publishers.

    Some of the other important benefits of affiliate marketing are:

    • Merchants receive immediate and long-lasting results through affiliate marketing.
    • The affiliate marketing program creates additional sources of income for product owners and website publishers.
    • Merchants gain a huge number of potential customers in no time.
    • It gives more opportunities to establish and maintain client relationships.
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    Affiliate Marketing Tools

    76% of publishers state that the ease of monetizing is the best benefit of affiliate marketing.

    It is important to understand and identify the evolving industry needs and gain insights about competitor campaigns along with traffic sources for a successful affiliate marketing strategy. Some of the tools used in affiliate marketing are AdSpy, Voluum, BeMob, Binom, RedTrack, AdsBridge, Thrivetracker, SiteGround, and more.

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    Top Affiliate Marketing Trends

    Affiliate Marketing has turned out to be one of the fastest ways to earn money online and market business products and services. The trends come and go all the time but the principles related to affiliate marketing remain the same. For instance, video formats are predicted to dominate among other advertising options and CPS and CPL pricing models will have the same place.

    The affiliate marketing industry is assumed to be a 6.8 billion dollar business in 2020. Now, let’s take a look at the 5 biggest affiliate marketing trends that are anticipated to change the industry shortly:

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    Influencer Marketing

    A social media influencer can reach target audiences more quickly through blogs and articles. They get paid by the brands to promote their business to the customers. A study conducted in 2016 says that “94% of marketers found influencer marketing to be useful and effective”.

  • 04

    Voice Search Optimization

    According to ComScore reports, 50% of all searches will be done via voice search by 2020. Hence, a marketer needs to ensure the existence of proper SEO tools such as keyword planner that helps to plan for voice search. It is critical for a business to optimize their websites for creating voice-command friendly content and stay ahead of the competitors in affiliate marketing with an efficient voice search optimization technique.

  • 05

    Native Advertising

    The issues faced by the advertisers related to banner ignorance from the visitors can be resolved by the publishers through valuable content creation with native advertising. It is used to share information and create native ads in a targeted and audience-centric manner. It is used in content promotion, ROI optimization, and website traffic generation through advertiser products and affiliate links.

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    Keyword-Rich Reviews and Review Sites

    Keyword-rich product reviews play a vital role in affiliate marketing. Visitors search for reviews or testimonials of a product probably to make a purchase. High-quality reviews help to drive conversions through marketers. It is essential to ensure that the content is good and the reviews are honest, depending on the products that are advertised on your website. Hence, strong reviews and review sites will continue to be a big trend in affiliate marketing.

  • 07

    Data-Driven Marketing

    There are different digital marketing technologies used by publishers to collect visitor data. This data can help in improving content and promotion strategies. Also, it is mandatory to define KPIs that support business objectives to experience the effect of data-driven marketing. You can discover the highly valuable advertising channels that best suits the audience and increase conversions through the generated insights from data analytics.

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Over the past few years, affiliate marketing has grown by leaps and bounds. Thus, the merchants who plan to add an affiliate marketing strategy to their online sales feed are in a position to research the various technological solutions to stand out of the curve. It builds trust in the recommendations with the increase in website traffic by providing useful information on the services and products.

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