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Content Marketing Trends 2019 Content Marketing

Content Marketing Trends 2019

  • October 04, 2019
  • 10min read

As technology is evolving at a faster rate, it is highly essential to be aware of the latest developments and changes. There is a drastic shift in the individual customer preferences which has also led to the continuous advancements in trends.

“Content is king!!” – The most often used quote in the field of online marketing. Content marketing is at the core of most successful digital marketing campaigns. It is one of the most comprehensive strategic tools used to improve conversions, attract new customers, as well as increase brand reputation. It is important to provide interactive and valuable content that helps to better connect with the audience and offers a personalized user experience.

Interesting statistics about content marketing

  • 93% of B2B marketers use content marketing to reach potential customers
  • Content Marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing methods
  • Content Marketing generates 3x as many leads compared to native advertising
  • 60% of B2C marketers have a well-documented content strategy

Optimized contents improve SEO and help to generate quality leads. Here are the 10 most significant content marketing trends that businesses should follow to stand ahead of their competitors:

  • 01

    Content Personalization

    Content personalization is a digital marketing strategy that depends on visitor data to produce relevant content based on audience interests. Over 60% of the businesses adopted a content personalization strategy and modern companies started to motivate loyal customers. Personalized content works efficiently as it helps to deliver highly relevant experiences to users. Content personalization can be used to drive better ROI for businesses as well as engage with customers easily.

    There are four types of content personalization:

    i) Individual-specific personalization

    ii) Customer journey personalization

    iii) Segmentation

    iv) Persona-based personalization

  • 02

    Voice Search Optimization

    By 2020, 50% of all searches will be via voice.

    Voice search recognition is an advanced technology used by people to perform searches by speaking into a device. Optimizing content for voice search is highly essential as voice is the future of web search. A report stated that “Out of 3.5 billion searches performed on Google every day, almost one-third of those are voice searches.”

    Voice search is a key to digital marketing strategy as it improves the user experience of search engines and provides accurate results. Website content should be optimized for mobile use effectively. Voice search affects SEO by the use of conversational language, informative and authoritative content, featured snippets, and transforming text searches into long-tail question queries.

  • 03

    Video Marketing

    Video marketing is one of the necessary tactics to be included in the content marketing strategy. It is an effective way used to promote the products and services, reach target audiences, as well as increase engagement on social and digital channels.

    Video is the most powerful medium for message distribution. YouTube is a social networking platform used to share content across numerous channels. 1.9 billion logged-in users visit YouTube every month.

    Do you know?

    • 92% of marketing professionals leverage videos as the most commonly used type of content.
    • 51% of marketing professionals worldwide state video content is best for greater ROI.
    • Marketers using video expand revenue 50% faster than non-video users.
  • 04

    Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial intelligence plays a vital role in the field of content marketing as it helps to streamline business processes during immense content overload. Leveraging artificial intelligence in the content marketing strategy has the following benefits:

    • Artificial intelligence automatically generates content
    • Enables predictive intelligence
    • Chatbots can be used to interact with the users
    • AI customizes users’ news feed algorithms
    • AI facilitates better marketing and creates a personalized user experience
    • Provides content curation
  • 05

    Interactive Content

    Interactive content converts buyers 70% of the time compared to passive content. Interactive content provides hyper-relevant and real-time results that are used to improve audience engagement. Interactive features include live chat, help screens, and pop-up options that offer a user-friendly experience to customers while clicking through the website.

  • 06

    Brand collaboration and user engagement

    Collaborative content marketing is an effective way to increase traffic, enhance customer engagement, as well as improve the quality of the content. Engagement marketing is the use of resourceful and strategic content that helps to engage with people and create meaningful interactions over time.

  • 07

    Influencer Marketing

    Influencer marketing has become one of the common trends in content marketing today. A social media influencer can reach your target audience more quickly through their blogs and articles. They get paid by the brands to promote their business to the customers.

    A study conducted in 2016 says that “94% of marketers found influencer marketing to be useful and effective”.

    Influencers can produce engaging content that the audience is interested in that increases and improves brand awareness. Marketers can connect with their unreached audience as well with an average investment. Influencer marketing can build trust and drive engagement with increased click-through and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) establishment. As big influencers are expensive depending on brands, some nano-influencers and micro-influencers charge less than the popular influencers for sponsored content.

  • 08

    Email Marketing

    Email Marketing is a successful tactic used to improve the sales and conversions of a business. Marketing your products and services via email is one of the flexible and cost-effective methods to reach new customers and retain existing customers. It allows you to create personalized and targeted content that results in increased website traffic.



    Podcasting allows businesses to build a strong relationship with the target audience easily. Using podcasts as content in your marketing strategy helps to reach your potential customers quickly. Podcasts are easy to create and access as well as provide better quality.

  • 10

    Micro-moments capitalization

    Micro-moment marketing is a crucial key strategy in content marketing. According to Google, micro-moments are a “new consumer behavior” that presents your marketing message comprehensively and clearly to your customers within a fraction of seconds. It helps businesses to build brand awareness among the targeted audience, capture user attention, as well as achieve success in their marketing strategies.

  • 11

    Wrapping UP

    Hence, brands should meet these upcoming trends with unique and innovative content to target the audience and achieve the desired results. Create a well-documented content strategy and implement the advanced technologies as well as stay on top of these trends to transform and drive profitable customer action.

    At AES Technologies, we offer best-in-class content marketing services for businesses across different verticals. We develop engaging and creative content to reach your target audience effectively. Get in touch with us today!!

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