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Importance of Voice Search in SEO Digital Marketing

Importance of Voice Search in SEO

  • July 22, 2022
  • 10min read
  • With the growing use of personal assistants such as Siri, Cortana, Alexa and Ok Google, voice search is most prevalent in the internet world. A recent research states that more than 50% of searches will be voice-based by 2020. The voice search provides direct results to customer queries by interacting with devices such as personal assistants, Smartphones, and home assistant devices.


How does the voice search work?

The speech recognition technology in voice search accepts the voice command search queries, the search engines provide the direct answers based on the queries. The results are shown with the combination of technologies such as natural language processing, text to speech and pre-programmed voice search tools.

How to optimize the website for voice search?

  • To optimize the website for voice search, the following guidelines should be met:
  • The website should have targeted keywords in a conversational tone
  • Develop a Q&A section that provides common questions and answers asked by customers
  • Make sure your website is SEO friendly
  • Include a structured data markup that includes rich snippets, breadcrumbs, and site links
  • Implement long tail keywords
  • Rebuild the existing content in simple language with relevant to topic
  • Optimizing the content for personal assistants

Some of the tips to convert your website for voice search

  • Analyze the common queries asked by your targeted audience
  • Identify your competition by searching using the common questions
  • Ensure the Google business page is completely filled out with recent information such as company name, address, phone number, business hours, email and business description.
  • Use informal tone
  • Make sure your website is mobile friendly, secure and code optimized

How to get benefited from Voice Search?

Today, almost 20% of searches are voice based in Google App and it will increase anytime sooner. To compete with the voice search, the content should be relevant, clear and cohesive. The Google home provides the result that suits the customer intent – by keeping the Google business page current and accurate, the business can reach positions in voice search. To reap the benefits of voice search, you need to make sure how the people are phrasing their queries to obtain the search results.

How Voice search affects SEO?

The voice search is different from text search; here are some of the ways to distinguish voice from text search:

  • Voice search uses Conversational Tone
  • It uses long-tail questions
  • Voice search give importance to Reliable and trustworthy content
  • Voice search gives importance to featured snippets

Benefits of Voice Search

  • People can invest time in typing
  • Get quick and direct answers for their queries
  • The users can use different languages to search the internet

Do you want to optimize the website for voice search?

The birth of new technologies provide opportunities for business growth; if you planned to enhance your existing digital marketing strategy or willing to create a dynamic strategy, choose AES digital marketing services to meet your business goals and reach top SEO rankings.

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