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What is PPC and how it works for your business? Pay-Per-Click Advertising

What is PPC and how it works for your business?

  • July 22, 2022
  • 10min read
  • PayPerClick advertising is a part of digital marketing in which the advertiser is charged every time when their ad is clicked. The PPC ads are commonly displayed in search engine results page with a label named as “ad” or “sponsored”. When the particular ad is clicked, a small amount is paid to the search engine as a fee; if the ad campaign is well constructed, the charges are insignificant.

    Benefits of PPC

Examples of PPC

One of the best examples of PPC is Google Adwords – it is an advertising service which helps the users to place an ad on the Google search results page. The AdWords lets the businesses to bid on the desired keywords and collect charges from the advertiser when their ad is clicked. Whenever a search term is entered in the Google, it examines the ads of AdWords advertisers and chooses the winning ads to place on its search results page.

The winning ads are chosen based on several combined factors such as quality and relevance of the keywords, ad campaign and the size of the bided keywords. An ad is placed based on a calculation of CPC (the amount which advertiser spends) and quality score which includes CTR, keyword relevance and the quality of the landing page. The advertisers who won this auction can reach their customers at the cost set by them.

How to run a successful PPC campaign

To run a successful PPC campaign, the users should frame relevant and suitable keyword groups. The landing page should contain CTA, appropriate and quality content which matches with the search query. The keywords you frame for the campaign should be pertinent, long-tail and the new keywords can be added to the list. The ad text should be persuasive that induces the visitors to click the advertisement.

How PPC works for your business

  • PPC is the best way to reach your marketing and business goals; these ads will provide a wide brand exposure and help in content downloads, newsletter sign up, increase sales purchases and persuade users to download apps.
  • The PPC can be easily tracked and measured with the help of Google analytics; using it, you can easily monitor the clicks, impressions, and conversions of your advertisements according to your business goals.
  • PPC offers a wide range of targeting options that includes targeting specific keywords through text ads, targeting a specific group of the audience through demographic ads and remarketing the ads based on customer past purchases.
  • Running a PPC campaign provides valuable customer insights that can help you in content marketing and SEO efforts.
  • PPC works according to the user preference; if you are experiencing positive results, you can increase the campaign and if you want to pause or stop spending for the ad campaign, you can do it right away. PPC provides flexibility in managing your ad campaign which you may not experience in other marketing campaigns.

Hire a PPC Expert

PPC can be performed effectively by hiring a PPC expert because there are many ways to lose money in online advertising if it is done without a professional guidance. Hire an SEO company and work with them on your ad copy, bidding strategies, and to conduct competitor analysis before placing your ads on search engine results page.

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