Why choose AngularJS for web application development?

When there is a change in the model, the developer should manipulate the Document Object Model (DOM) components manually. The automatic synchronization of data between model and view components as well as the DOM and model is handled efficiently to build web applications with ease.

2. Suitable testing

AngularJS can perform automatic testing effectively with module separation capabilities. It has excellent testing compatibilities and provides support to both end-to-end and unit testing with easy management and flexibility at all levels of development.

3. Usage of Custom Directives

Directives are a major feature of AngularJS used to develop custom HTML tags that function as new and traditional widgets. Developers can use custom directives to build attractive components and features.

4. Large Community

AngularJS is built and maintained by a dedicated and skilled community of engineers. There are a huge number of developers that includes members of the core development team as well to assist you in case of Angular queries.

AngularJS conferences are held worldwide and it is discussed at hackathons and in several IT communities.

5. Ease of use

AngularJS makes development easier with its rich feature set. It implements MVC architecture and data models to build applications in a parallel way.

6. High-End Performance

AngularJS supports caching and other processes that improve server CPUs performance. It serves static files and responds to the API calls with its robustness and enables developers to create smooth applications in less time with numerous features such as scope management, form validation, animations, content sanitization, routing, and more.

7. Comprehensiveness

AngularJS makes it simpler to comprehend the framework with MVC architecture while building a front end web application. The MVVM design and REST features enable developers to connect to the customers to collect the necessary web page issues information. Also, AngularJS has the options of expanding HTML and making it work like XML.

8. SPA-Oriented features

The single-page application features in AngularJS are used to create and control online forms and its validation procedures. It makes the whole process easier and better.


It is time to start using AngularJS to bring more flexibility to the development processes and design better websites.

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