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Development of UI using JQuery and third party components has its own challenges in attaining the desired outcomes. Consistency in maintaining the codes developed by different developers is a hard task.

With an initiative to develop progressive web apps, AES started leveraging modern web platform capabilities from 2015 onwards. We started using AngularJS from 1.0 version for our service projects and continuously adapted to its upgraded versions. Angular 4.0 had a significant improvement in the framework with better code structuring that allows us to work with a consistent MVC architecture. On realizing the improved responsiveness, performance and user experiences AES Architect team decided to upgrade most of our products to Angular in 2017.

We also recommended Angular to our clients to upgrade their legacy systems, as they were facing performance and scalability challenges due to outdated technology and versions used. With Angular 5 we could build and deploy faster than usual. On seeing the robust front-end with better user experience and performance we got more upgradation projects from them now. Our clients are very satisfied with these technology upgradations. Currently we are developing many of the new applications in Angular 7.

Our AngularJS offerings

  • AngularJS custom application development
  • AngularJS application upgrade
  • Data driven AngularJS application development
  • AngularJS application maintenance and support
  • Web portal development

Why AngularJS development ?

  • Clean code:

    AngularJS enables to build application with clean code, excellent maintenance and supports single page application development.

  • Reusable components:

    AngularJS offers reusable components including ng-app, ng-model, and ng-bind are used to bind the data into HTML tags and input controls.

  • MVC frameworks:

    Several MVC framework enables the user to divide the application into several MVC components and allow the developer to build separate code for connecting all the components, but AngularJS strings all components together without requiring additional code.

  • Responsive application:

    With its data binding feature, it facilitates the data binding for HTML to develop the user-friendly and responsive application.

  • Rapid development:

    It enables the faster application development without requiring any additional framework. AngularJS also provides features like data building, enterprise testing, and dependency injection.

  • Build by Google:

    AngularJS is an open source framework developed by Google supported with the wide developer community. With enormous resources available for AngularJS, it solves the developer queries and helps in building unique application free from bugs.

Why AES?

  • Highly specialized AngularJS development team
  • Error-free code
  • Reduce time to the market
  • Agile development standards
  • Client centric approach
  • Abide MVC standard

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