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Why choose OpenCart as your eCommerce solution? eCommerce Platforms

Why choose OpenCart as your eCommerce solution?

  • October 01, 2019
  • 15min read

The eCommerce market is getting competitive steadily and gradually. A startup business should choose the best eCommerce solution as it is one of the most significant resources and a critical task to achieve the business objectives. A lot of store owners choose OpenCart as their eCommerce platform among a huge number of available shopping carts.

OpenCart is one of the most popular open-source eCommerce platforms for entrepreneurs all over the world. It is an easy-to-use and powerful online store management system that is used to manage multiple stores from a single back end. The top preferred eCommerce website development solution OpenCart is best suited for PHP developers due to its user-friendly interface and in-built eCommerce store features.

OpenCart is an “out of the box” shopping cart solution built for retailers and online merchants. It can be used with several web development features and eCommerce extensions such as order management, multiple payment gateways integration, and free support and software updates.

  • Key Features of OpenCart

    Opencart is a feature-rich platform with an efficient interface that consists of a wide range of themes and extensions for eCommerce development. It is comprised of a set of in-built modules and payment gateways.

    Some of the high-level features of OpenCart include:

  • 01

    OpenCart provides multi-lingual support

    OpenCart offers support for 40 languages, several stores, multiple currencies.

  • 02

    OpenCart is highly flexible

    OpenCart is a very flexible and user-friendly platform that helps to manage your online store effectively.

  • 03

    It has a low cost of maintenance

    OpenCart is easy to maintain and the costs of operation are comparatively less.

  • 04

    OpenCart has a built-in affiliate marketing system

    Affiliate marketing is an easy-to-use and in-built feature in OpenCart. Users can create an affiliate account either from the front-end or back-end.

  • 05

    OpenCart provides product catalog management

    OpenCart manages your store’s product catalogs by allowing products to be added one at a time and not in mass quantity.

  • 06

    OpenCart manages sales tax

    It allows the seller to manage the tax from their end using various extensions. OpenCart generates periodic reports based on the sales trend analysis and product purchases.

  • 07

    OpenCart provides role-based permissions

    OpenCart provides two user groups installed into the admin side. It allows you to set user roles and permissions based on the access given to manage the online stores.

  • 08

    It has unlimited categories and sub-categories

    OpenCart features multi-level categories and sub-categories menu with custom titles and multiple styles.

  • 09

    OpenCart has ready-to-use templates

    OpenCart is one of the most suitable choices to manage a small or medium-sized e-store with appropriate and ready-to-use templates.

  • 10

    OpenCart is a market place for the third-party extensions

    The eCommerce platform provides over 14,000+ themes and extensions on the OpenCart marketplace.

  • Advantages of OpenCart

    OpenCart is a free eCommerce platform that is used to scale businesses immediately with all downloads and updates. Here are some of the advantages of using OpenCart as your eCommerce solution:

  • 01

    OpenCart is easy-to-operate

    OpenCart platform allows you to perform unlimited tasks with a single admin panel. Also, it helps businesses to save time and focus on business growth.

  • 02

    OpenCart supports multiple payment gateways

    This platform is integrated with several secure payment gateways and shipping methods that help to deliver all the orders on time.

  • 03

    It creates an international eCommerce presence

    OpenCart has the abilities to integrate multiple languages in online storefronts. It provides huge customization options that allow you to note service characteristics and product names in different languages.

  • 04

    OpenCart offers a consolidated set of metrics and reports

    It enables users to customize the reports based on business needs and filter data with a well-designed dashboard. The complete reports are maintained that helps to view the entire information at a glance.

  • 05

    OpenCart provides effective store management

    The online marketplace contains around 13000+ plugins and modules that are ready to use. It also enables you to integrate Amazon, eBay, or social media into your storefronts for desired sales.

  • 06

    OpenCart provides dedicated technical support

    OpenCart is an open-source community that provides 48-hour guaranteed response, high standards of work, and a complete report with a monthly paid service. This also includes the installation of OpenCart as well.

Why choose us as your OpenCart development services partner?

Are you looking to launch your online store with a scalable, robust, and feature-rich eCommerce platform? OpenCart is the right eCommerce platform.

AES technologies provides efficient OpenCart eCommerce development services for small-to-mid-sized enterprises. We offer various services such as website implementation and customization, maintenance and support, migration,.. as well as deliver robust OpenCart websites tailored to meet the business needs.

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