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How Business Process Automation (BPA) accelerates revenue? Business Process Automation

How Business Process Automation (BPA) accelerates revenue?

  • September 20, 2019
  • 15min read

In today’s modern workplace, it has become a high priority to optimize everyday business tasks. Every company aims to reduce the overall operational costs and utilize the available resources efficiently. Hence, to take strategic decisions and prevent resource wastage, businesses started to focus on implementing process automation solutions.

According to “The Sorry State of Digital Transformation in 2018” by Forrester, 22% of businesses lack in process excellence and workflow automation. Business Process Automation is an effective and straightforward way to acquire customer satisfaction and grow revenue. The real progress of a business lies in process excellence; BPA helps IT departments to systematically allocate technology resources, optimize overall utilization, as well as cut operational costs.

  • What is Business Process Automation?

    Business process automation is the technology-enabled automation of complex business activities that manages a specific function or a workflow. Technically, it is a way to increase productivity and streamline processes for greater efficiency. Process automation can be chosen by businesses to maintain consistency across the organization and make comprehensive planning, and error-free executions.

    BPA does not require human intervention for completion of processes and controls several business operations that occur separately or simultaneously. It involves the management of different organization-wide processes using various technologies and transforms the method of customer interaction.

Business process automation can be used to streamline multiple processes such as:

  • Document Management
  • Workflow Automation
  • E-mail marketing campaigns
  • Employee request management
  • Payment reminders and more.

Benefits of business process automation

Business process automation optimizes workflows efficiently and leads to higher profits. BPA manages information, data, and processes and reduces costs, investment, and resources. It also increases productivity through key business processes automation using advanced technologies. Some of the benefits of using business process automation are:

  • 01

    BPA reduces operational costs

    It enables businesses to work with less number of employees, automate manual tasks, and reduce wasted time. Business process automation can cut operational costs thereby improving efficiency.

  • 02

    BPA improves customer support and collaboration

    BPA improves communication of team members by sharing files and receiving alerts when documents are updated or changed. Also, business process automation can be used for automatic ticket creation that helps customer service teams respond quickly and efficiently.

  • 03

    BPA results in better job performance

    The use of business process automation systems can reduce manual errors and improve the overall efficiency of job performance.

  • 04

    It enables a well-organized use of manpower

    Business process automation can prevent resource wastage and provides clarity to the employees. The information recorded through BPA systems can be provided to demonstrate compliance during audits.

  • 05

    BPA can standardize operations

    When business processes are automated, consistent standard of results are achieved. This can help organizations to increase customer base as well as optimize return-on-investment.

  • 06

    Business Process Automation – Basic Principles

    Every organization has a unique way of implementing business process automation. But, there are some fundamental principles to be followed;

    • Understand, Simplify, and Automate (USA)
    • Consistency and process flexibility
    • Step-by-step approach
    • Staff training and simplicity
    • Existing processes integration
  • BPA Trends

    It is often impossible to stay up-to-date on the ever-changing trends. With business processes digitization, automation technologies are increasingly used to optimize resources, drive profits, and streamline collaboration. In a survey, 61% of respondents believe that process automation improves customer experiences, while 59% stated that automation boosts productivity and over 50% leverage automation tools to enhance knowledge sharing initiatives.

There are various automation tools in the market. The basic understanding of the key trends in business process automation helps you to choose the right technologies at the right time. Here are the top six BPA trends that drastically impacts businesses;

  • Robotic process automation will integrate with BPA technologies to execute and streamline complex workflows.
  • Artificial Intelligence-driven technologies such as predictive analytics, customer service bots, and machine learning.
  • Adaptive case management (ACM) technologies will automate workflows.
  • Demand for low-code or no-code platforms
  • IoT smart devices for the management of procurement, supply chain, and more.
  • Increased workforce collaboration technologies.


Automation, if implemented correctly, will help businesses to improve the accuracy and efficiency of processes. To conclude, business process automation holds a significant place in modernizing the work environment. Business owners can reap the benefits and unlock the true potential only by leveraging the latest innovations and up-to-date technologies that help them to stay ahead of their competitors.

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