Transforming complex business processes into simplified systems that reduce manual interference and maximize revenue.

AES is one of the leading offshore development company expertise in delivering business process automation systems (BPA). As organization involves in diverse of business processes including data entry, account maintenance, decision making and other activities, it will lead to various human errors, typo mistakes, delay in delivery, financial ramifications and more. With our expectational business process automation systems, the company can automate the error-prone processes and embrace quick turn around time.

Our Business Process Automation Offerings

  • Custom BPA development
  • BPA migration
  • BPA testing and implementation
  • BPA integration
  • BPA upgrade
  • BPA customization
  • BPA consulting

Why BPA?

  • Quality-driven process

    Business automation ensures that every process is carried out identically to deliver quality and authentic results. With Business process automation systems, the user can automate the customer service and each time when the customer approaches, they can experience the same level of service.

  • Reduce time to delivery

    The time-consuming and error-prone process can be automated to avoid human errors and reduce turnaround time.

  • Improve communication

    BPA combines all team members under one identical item in the workflow and automates the activities to be done in an efficient manner. It makes all requests visible in the dashboard to respond the important processes.

  • Reliable systems

    Business process automation optimizes all processes in organizational departments including production, billing, customer service, and delivery.

  • Visible metrics

    The processes which are automated can be processed as metrics to view the performance and required key points.

Why AES?

  • Dedicated BPA developers
  • Cost-effective pricing
  • Error-free delivery
  • Latest technologies are implemented
  • Expertise quality assurance team
  • Improved business operations
  • After-sales maintenance
  • Frequent communication through email, phone, Skype and instant messengers

Our Highlights

  • 18+years of experience
  • ISO 9001:2008 company
  • NASSCOM member

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