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Why is content marketing essential for your business? Content Marketing

Why is content marketing essential for your business?

  • December 11, 2017
  • 10min read

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a process of distributing relevant and valuable content for your prospective customers to drive targeted action.” As the customers prefer to gain information from the articles or blogs than from the advertisements, many leading brands are applying the content marketing strategy to market their product or services.

Why is content important?

There are many websites which have very less content to convey to their audience about their products or services. Google or other major search engines give preferences to the websites which have comprehensive content that covers complete information of a particular topic — that is why Wikipedia is always ranked in the first position of search engine results page. The reason behind the Wikipedia success is it covers all sources of a person including history, early-life, achievements, relevant works and the references used to build the article. When it comes to any technology topic or product, Wikipedia covers its history, types, topics associated with it, how it is used, current trends and references.

If your website has all the information required by a visitor on a particular topic, you can avoid the bounce rate and increase the web traffic.

How to apply content marketing to your business websites?

When a visitor conducts an online research, the user will be interested in the high-quality relevant content which includes text, image, videos that are highly informative. A good piece of content will persuade the audience and resonate in their minds – such content will take the targeted audience to their brand website and result in business conversions.

  • Keywords – Keywords help to understand what people are searching on the Internet – it assists to identify the industry-relevant search terms commonly used by customers to discover the business. The keyword analyzing software such as Google keyword planner or other third party tools will help in finding new keywords that can be used in your website content, meta description, title, image tags, H1 tags, and others.
  • Meta title and description – Search engines rank the website by matching the keywords with your meta title and description. The keyword relevant meta tags can take you ahead of your competitors

The three factors that your content should satisfy are:

  • Unique and Relevant – When a customer visits the blog by searching for a topic, your post should cover all the information about the topic along with internal links that help the audience to gain knowledge about the related topics associated with it.
  • Meta title and description – Engaging: Your blog or website should contain videos, images, and enrich text that educates, entertain and persuade the audience.
  • Consistent – Your blogs or websites may have regular audiences who visit the page for new posts therefore, it is important to satisfy the visitors with engaging content.

How to create a Good piece of content?

A good content is created by understanding customer interests and by addressing their pain points. A website or blog with good content will get increased traffic within months or years, moreover, the search engines reward those websites or blog with improved search rankings.

Some of the best content resources for your business

Many companies allocate budget for successfully executing their content marketing plan. The content is the cheapest and easiest way to reach the prospective clients, many companies manage their own blogs, articles and publish white papers, infographics, and e-books to educate the customers about their products or services.

The content marketing provides the following benefits to the audience.

  • Customer loyalty
  • Brand awareness
  • Widen your business reach
  • Increase conversions
  • Enhance website traffic
  • Promote your products or services

If you lack in resources to build unique, relevant and persuasive content, we can provide a long-term support in content marketing services that include creating a successful content marketing strategy for your business, building periodic content for blogs, websites, social media, press releases, and articles to excel your business. Choose AES technologies as your dedicated content marketing partner for your future projects.

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