How Bluberry will Benefit your Business

    Robust modules we offer:

    Bluberry offers substantial web and mobile-based application, which will palpably render you with lucid modules such

  • Multi-warehouse inventory management
  • Sales distribution route assignment and tracking
  • Sales order management
  • Track order delivery
  • Report analysis
  • Invoice management
  • Payment and collection
  • Point of sale
  • These preeminent modules of Bluberry accumulates meticulous data for all the processes involved in retail sales and distribution.

    Pivotal solution offered by Bluberry:

    Aspiration of any business is to enhance and redefine their functional process faster and affordable. Bluberry is developed with latest technology and functions for the betterment of the business.

  • Enhanced decision making process
  • Role based modules and task automation
  • Access to valid information
  • Cost efficient
  • Perfectly adapts to your company’s needs
  • Significant traceability and control
  • Long – term savings for the company
  • Refines internal communication
  • Transparent and secured process
  • Bluberry provides highly preferable financial solution through report analysis and detail summary. Simple yet powerful user interface makes it more interesting and easy for the enriched user experience.

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