Why Delta V?

    • Customizable:

      High quality Transmitters and Receivers with customized antennas ensures good flying range. More than Line-of-Slight!
    • Unmatched Flight Time:

      With maximum flight time of 50 Minutes, Mission can be accomplished without having to land frequently for change of batteries.
    • Better Range:

      We offer drones with customized payload as per the requirement.
    • Safety:

      With state of the art flight controller system. GPS unit and motors ensure safer flight.
    • Redundant Video Transmission System:

      With redundant analog video transmission system, get uninterrupted live video feed even if the HD video link is lost.
    • High Res-Camera:

      Capture whole flight mission in 1080p High Definition.
    • Thermal Camera:

      Thermal imaging camera can be invaluable asset for search and rescue missions. It can also act as night vision to fly in the dark.
    • Zoom in from the sky:

      With 30x Optical zoom camera, zero in on the target from high altitude and achieve closer monitoring of subjects.
    • Autonomous Flight:

      Capable of doing autonomous flight with the help of GPS & indigenous software. Mark the waypoints on map and the drone will fly on its own!
    • Return to Launch:

      Just flip a switch to activate Return to launch function and the drone flies back to you on its own!
    • Camera & Gimbal:

      Camera and Gimbal Control: Camera and Gimbals can be configured through software.


  • Monitoring for possible Stampede situations during religious congregation.
  • Tracking Illegal Movements in Forests.
  • Aids in Strategic plans during tactial Operations.
  • Can aid Law enforcers with Criminal Pursuits, as it provides aerial view, it is easy to keep eyes on target.
  • Surveying places such as forests and quarries at regular intervals can provide information on illegal exploitation of natural resources.
  • Can be used for periodic inspection of power lines, Railroads, Airport Runways, etc.,
  • Inspection of Dams and bridges for structual Abnormalities.
  • Can be an aide to anti-poaching efforts.

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