VizisTATva is a web-based application designed for service providers and enterprise. Simple and easy to use, it allows IT mangers to track in a single CMDB all configuration items and their relationships. With VizisTATva, say goodbye to excel files and increase your productivity by managing user requests incidents, problems, changes and your service catalog in a single repository.

Easy way to Upload data

A lot of information about the IT is stored in Excel files, VizisTATva’s import toll helps loading all this information into the application. The import wizards guide the user, check the data consistency and report the planned changes before user confirmation. All elements managed in the application, as well as their relationships, can be imported massively. This facilitates and accelerates the recovery of existing data and their update.

A Flexible ticketing system

VizisTATva provides different types of tickets, each with a specific workflow :

  • User requested
  • Incidents
  • Problems
  • Changes

Customizable emails can be sent each time a ticket status changes.

  • Key Benefits
  • Automated Impact analysis
  • Configurable data model
  • Helpdesk
  • A complete CMDB (Configuration management database) allowing IT operation to document IT inventory.
  • A Service Desk module allowing IT operation to track end-user requests. An Incident management module allowing IT operation to track and communicate about all issues occurring on IT.
  • A change management module allowing IT operation to better deal with all the changes occurring.
  • Ad hock report allows you to control your IT.
  • A service management module allowing IT operation to document all the contracts and services they have under their control.
  • A known error database allows IT operation to document fix for known issue in order to speed resolution process.
  • An outage module allows IT operation to document all planned outages and notify concerned contacts.
  • Dashboards allow you to quickly get an overview of your IT.
  • VizisTATva models dependency rules between different CIs. These rules are used by the application to automatically analyse the impact of an element on the other CIs and display it graphically.
  • When creating a ticket (incident or Change) these rules are used to automatically determine the consequences of this event and calculated the list of persons to be modified about the progress of the ticket.

VizisTATva users a fully configurable data model which can be adapted to each company’s needs. The customization encompasses:

  • The type of items (CIs) to manage and their characteristic (adding new type of CIs, removing non-needed type…).
  • The relationships
  • The impact and dependencies rules
  • The display rules.
  • The workflow and actions related to this workflow.
  • Tracking user requests
  • Identification of the called by company name and contact
  • Typology of request
  • Suspension of a request due to pending actions
  • User portal to submit and track request

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