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What is the advantage of online parent portal applications?

What is the advantage of online parent portal applications?

  • August 10, 2022
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  • Today, E-learning has become a popular trend that makes education easy and comfortable. Several schools, colleges, and institutions have started using education ERP software to manage and streamline the complete administrative information in an organized and efficient manner. The education ERP system collects the entire data about the institution on a single click and facilitates better communication.

    According to a recent report, the education ERP market is expected to grow nearly 3X times larger by revenues.

Benefits of Parent Portal

A parent portal application creates a one-stop interaction with multiple features. The mobile application helps parents to check the academic performance and other activities of their child. This student information management software is used to give proper awareness to parents that drastically improve the studies of their child.

Here are some of the benefits of using the parent portal application:

  • 01

    Quick access to information

    The online parent portal application provides quick and easy access to information about students, admissions, homework, fees, exams, and more. This helps parents to understand their child’s performance better.

  • 02

    Online Fee Collection

    Manual tasks have been made hassle-free and less tiring. Going to schools physically to make payments are not possible for today’s working parents. Hence, parent portal applications are used to pay fees from their internet-connected devices.

  • 03

    Ease of communication

    Communication between parents and teachers plays a significant role in student’s development in terms of academics. The online parent portal enables easy interaction with the parents and provides periodic reports on student progress.

  • 04

    Secured access

    It provides real-time secured access to student’s data and daily activities. As a wide variety of sensitive information is updated in the application, it is built with safe servers with backup systems and role-based access controls.These apps help food and beverage industries in attracting numerous customers in the recent couple of years.

  • 05

    Periodic reports

    The online parent portal application generates daily reports on attendance, financial details, homework, assessments, and exam results.

  • 06

    Transparency and control

    The school maintains the control of the viewable information through the parent portal. Flexible settings options are available for individual parents or guardians to see specific information.

Clear navigation and structure

Ready to build a featured online parent portal application? Here is your right partner!!

  • Brainstem is a comprehensive education ERP software developed by AES Technologies. We have built a complete parent portal application with advanced features using the ReactNative framework. The mobile application is compatible with both Android and iOS and enables highly effective communication between parents and teachers.
  • The parent portal is used to view the entire academic details of the students. Also, we have developed an admin application with minimal features.

Features of our parent portal application

  • Circular – Every circular given by the school is updated in the application. Parents can view the circulars from the school in PDF format.
  • Events –Any events related to the school activities are scheduled and notified to parents via the application.
  • Payments -Integrated fee payment gateways are used to make online payments and periodic reports are generated. Parents can get complete details using the payment features as well as track fee arrears if applicable.
  • Homework – The homework given by teachers are updated to the parents via the application. Parents can easily find out the assignments and homework of their children given by the teachers and download them as PDF files.
  • Assessment – All the tests and assessments are intimated to parents through reminders and push notifications.
  • Calendar – An entire calendar is maintained regarding daily events and activities. The academic calendar will provide a general view of the various events in a school year. From the exam time and annual day to holidays, parents can know the dates by looking at it. Parents can also find out about the attendance details of the students in the calendar.
  • Mobile responsive: Today 60% of the users are searching the products or services on their mobile phones; to gain local search engine rankings and to expand the customer reach – one needs a responsive website design that adapts with all display screens. Mobile responsive websites can improve website speed, minimize website errors and helps in enhancing the website performance.

The parent portal application has additional features such as the “add child” option and shows student achievements in various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The application is integrated with a web portal access and has auto-update capabilities.

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