Increase search engine traffic with a well-integrated Link Building Campaign

5. Social Bookmarking – Social media sites contain authority and through creating links on social bookmarking sites, a new website gets some of the authority and starts ranking on Google. Social Bookmarking helps you build up quality backlinks that result in first page status on search engines.

How to set up an effective Link Building campaign

There are various components used to launch a highly-effective well-integrated link building campaign:

1) Set goals – It is important to know the goals and set realistic objectives for your campaign that helps to plan an appropriate strategy for the business.

2) Find assets – Asset is the cornerstone of any link building campaign and varies from business to business. You need to identify the type of asset (such as content, data, products, services,..) for your business to be used in link building.

3) Determine outreach targets – It is a multi-step and continuous process used in email and social media to determine the web pages that show up in Google using the core term.

4) Find bloggers on Twitter – Twitter bio search is one of the most efficient ways to generate link-building leads.

5) Identify the target audience for links – You need to understand and identify the target audience for the created backlinks.

6) Monitor campaign performance – A multi-format link building campaign includes more content types; hence focus on monitoring and reporting specific on-page events.

7) Personalize content assets based on the referral – Since link acquisition campaigns include both email and social media outreach, it is vital to customize and personalize content assets based on the referral source to generate link building leads.


Link Building is a powerful off-page optimization technique used to increase the search engine traffic to websites. Implementing a well-integrated link building campaign yields higher click through rates and page rankings in search engine results.

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