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Advantages of owning a Textile ERP software Textile ERP

Advantages of owning a Textile ERP software

  • January 31, 2018
  • 10min read

The Textile ERP handles the following processes: Marketing, Sales Forecast, Planning, Merchandising, Weaving, Processing, Raw Material Procurement, Finished Goods Production, Logistics, Finance, Secondary Sales & Waste disposal. The Textile industry without an ERP software will oversee all the above processes manually with no electronic record for future reference – this may result in manual errors, less organized workflow, increase in operational cost, lack of communication between employees and delay in delivery.

Textile ERP software is specially designed for textile industry that handles different types of raw materials such as fabric both grey & finished, cotton, yarn and Madeups. This software can be customized according to your businesses; it can store the records of all raw materials or resources used in the industry and streamline the operations by coordinating with the users.

The textile ERP software maintains numerous records that are needed for performing the operations; it can be used in various levels from HR, finance, accounting, distribution, payroll, custom, customer relationship and more.

Why Choose AES Textile ERP?

  • AES textile ERP is a complete solution to control end to end operations from planning, supply chain management, raw material procurement, logistics and tracking of orders.
  • It tracks the manufacturing of goods by recording technical errors and obtains the status of orders.
  • As it improves the decision making, the organization can reduce the operational cost.
  • It improves the communication between employees of different departments and maximizes the production
  • AES textile ERP integrates with different departments in the industry and improves the process workflow.
  • It reaches the right information to the respective department
  • It provides authenticated access to the data and delivers the reports on the processes handled at various levels.
  • It tracks the changes or progresses occurred at different stages and records it effectively.

To reduce the wastage of inventory and to improve the turnaround time – the manufactures should adopt the Advanced Textile ERP Software which will provide the optimized business operations and improve the employee performance.

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