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How AI mobile applications benefit businesses? Artifical Intelligence

How AI mobile applications benefit businesses?

  • January 23, 2018
  • 10min read

Artificial Intelligence is a theory of computer systems that enable machines to perform advanced tasks that are capable of humans. Such activities involve decision making, problem-solving, language translation, planning and etc. Personal assistants like Siri, Cortana and Google assistant are some of the best examples of AI applications. The artificial intelligence can be applied in reasoning as it can able to solve problems better than humans.

For example, the artificial intelligence can assist teachers in understanding their students and frame the curriculum according to their interests and talents. The AI technology allows to make right decisions in businesses and helps to take the enterprises forward. Processing large set of information with nil of errors is possible with AI technology – as humans tend to make mistakes. With wholesome advantages, the AI mobile applications will be greatly beneficial for the business users.

AI Mobile applications in business

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    AI positively impacts the customer behavior by incorporating the chatbots in a mobile application. As AI utilizes the data within the organization and outside businesses, it can able to take clear decisions at the right time. It understands the customer nature by collecting the previous questions and helps to improve the customer interactions and thus retains the clients.

    These apps help food and beverage industries in attracting numerous customers in the recent couple of years.

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    As AI makes better decisions, it can be used in identifying the fastest routes to reach the destination. The AI takes the data from the previous travels of all drivers or customers to find the shortest route used to travel to the desired place.

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    With predictive analytics, AI provides relevant notifications to customers by analyzing the purchase history, interests and browsing history of the customer. By implementing AI in eCommerce applications, the user can improve the business revenue.

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    Content Marketing

    The mobile applications that fail to retain the customers can easily manage the users by engaging them with relevant recommendations by understanding the customer interests and behavior.

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    The AI application used in credit card or debit card payment will understand the customer payments, previous transactions and online purchases to identify the unusual payments made using their debit or credit card and provide notifications to the particular user.

Advantages of AI mobile applications in business

AI technology retains customers by understanding the customer behavior, interests, and location and provides the best purchase recommendations.

  • AI reduces the repetitive tasks and optimize manpower utilization
  • It can able to recognize the voices and provide accurate response
  • Artificial intelligence automates the interactions with customers through written communications.

In 2018, businesses will be more competitive as enterprises are started adopting new technologies to make their products or business services innovative and beneficial for the customers. To meet the rival competition and to enhance the customer satisfaction, an organization should adopt technologies like AI. It helps in expanding businesses, introducing new products or services, identifying customer interests and maintaining a prominent position in the global market.

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