Top Digital Marketing Trends

5. Video Marketing

Nowadays, consumers spend more time on mobile phones and smart devices watching videos. Videos help businesses to connect with the audience more. Using video to promote your brands, products, and services can reach your potential customers efficiently. Video marketing is powerful as it boosts brand awareness, generates leads, connects and builds rapport with customers, as well as increases sales.

6. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a form of social media marketing involving key brand advocates, known as influencers, to reach your target audience through their blogs and social networking skills. It is one of the best ways to improve the loyalty and trust of your customers as well as build your brand online. It helps to raise your brand’s awareness quickly among consumers.

7. Programmatic/Personalized Advertising

The usage of programmatic advertising is increasing dramatically in recent times. It is the process of using technology and automation to buy and sell ad inventory with a data-driven procedure. Programmatic advertising helps marketers to create target-oriented ads thereby improving the return-on-investment (ROI).

Personalized advertising is a comprehensive method that helps advertisers to track user attributes and online behaviors for improvements in targeted and personalized advertising messages creation. This method is used to create a seamless user experience as well to boost sales and conversion rates.

8. Email marketing

Email marketing can be used to attract and engage customers with personalized messages for promoting your brands, contents, and products. It’s an important technique for a successful digital marketing strategy as it is effective and cost-efficient. Every idea can be shared with the consumers via email and marketing through email can connect with more audience than social media.

9. Micro-moment marketing

In the modern epoch of digital marketing, micro-moment marketing is a crucial key to achieve success. According to Google, micro-moments are a “new consumer behavior” that presents your marketing message comprehensively and clearly to your customers within fraction of seconds. Every marketer should know about these micro-moments, as termed by Google: “I-want-to-know”, “I-want-to-do”, “I-want-to-go”, and “I-want-to-buy”.

So the marketers should start focusing on these micro-moments as the expectations of the consumers are likely to be immediate and high. It helps businesses to build brand awareness among the targeted audience, capture user attention, as well as achieve success in their marketing strategies.

10. AR and VR Marketing

AR and VR Marketing are used by enterprise organizations for various reasons. Augmented Reality (AR) marketing enables businesses to enhance customer and client experience by overlaying visual information over regular objects. Virtual Reality (VR) Marketing is a form of interactive marketing that helps brand owners to place their images closer to the customer’s eyes. VR immerses users in a new three-dimensional environment for an innovative experience. These two marketing technologies help you improve and optimize your business in a great way.

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