The Most Important Social Media Marketing Trends

LinkedIn marketing starts with:

i) Setting up the personal profile.

ii) Optimizing the company page.

iii) Posting updates regularly on the business page.

93% of B2B marketers choose LinkedIn for an effective site and lead generation. More than 80% of social leads for the business-to-business model are generated on LinkedIn.

Hence, to increase conversions and drive in more traffic, LinkedIn marketing is essential.

5. Instagram

Today, Instagram has dominated the world of social media. With more than 500 million active users, it is a great marketing platform to promote your products and services as well as reach new people within your market. By using interactive hashtags and building creativity, Instagram marketing becomes beneficial for businesses. Businesses can be promoted on Instagram by working with influencers and customer relationship is maintained with efficient strategic communication. Instagram stories can be viewed by people in different verticals and creating engaging content makes them better understand your products and services.

6. Building Trust

Every brand has a social media presence to build loyalty and trust of its customers. More consumers trust you if there are greater transparency of your products in social media. Building strong relationships is key to a strong business. Provide your customers with valuable information and help them by resolving queries and doubts. Sharing insights and opinions based on the latest happenings in your industry helps customers build trust in your business.

7. Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR), being one of the latest technologies, will affect the future social media trends. Social media content will completely move from 2D to 3D, powered by AR, in the upcoming digital era. Augmented Reality can provide interactive and out-of-the-box experience to customers. Many brands have started incorporating AR technologies to their websites and applications. Businesses should be ready to adapt the AR strategies and technologies to achieve their sales goals. Therefore, AR is a growing futuristic trend that can affect social media marketing.

8. Social TV

The rise of ‘Social TV’ has significantly improved in recent days. Online interactions with television programming can increase audience engagement and viewers of a TV program involve in social media sharing and chat about the specific program as they watch it. Participating in social TV can improve and enhance the effectiveness of advertisements.

Social TV can drive online traffic and is beneficial for advertisers in numerous ways. Proper media planning and ad design strategies can help in increasing the usage of social media for TV advertising. Social TV can extend television ad campaigns reach to the online space, offer real-time feedback to advertisers on how their ads are being received, as well as attract more viewers thereby increasing sales.

9. Audience Segmentation

Audience segmentation is done by dividing your audience and customers into multiple groups based on different criteria, such as media usage, interests, demographics, and so on. Digital marketers use audience segmentation as a key component of targeted marketing strategy. Through Facebook filters, LinkedIn groups, and Twitter lists, people can be segregated into groups to improve customer engagement. These kinds of segmentation needs can grow as a trend and shape social media marketing in the future.

10. Employee Advocacy

Employee advocacy is termed as promoting the organization by its workforce. This can improve brand awareness more efficiently through digital media or offline channels. When influencer marketing is difficult, employee advocacy will rise as the employees of the same organization become influencers for the brand to promote it among their groups.

Brands can benefit more with an employee advocacy program as consumers trust a regular employee than an influencer. Employee advocates can generate positive exposure, store promotional content based on latest industry strategies, as well as track audience engagement with the organization.


Social Media Marketing is an effective form of marketing to increase customers and boost sales. Every marketer should know about these emerging trends and strategies to achieve their marketing and branding goals.

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