Popular Trends for Mobile Application Development

5) Augmented and Virtual Reality rocks!!

More mobile applications will adapt to augmented and virtual reality in the future as it gives a highly interactive user experience.

According to a Statista report, the market of AR and VR will be at $209 billion in 2022. Social media will be one of the main application categories for AR integration. Snapchat and Instagram have already launched augmented reality filters that change human faces into digital characters.

A huge number of businesses are expected to add AR/VR technology that helps in engaging with the customers and accelerating the complete buying process.

6) Instant Apps

Instant applications are user-friendly and memory-efficient services that expand the customer base. These excellent execution and straightforward apps are highly versatile as there is no need for downloading.

Instant apps are accessible from anywhere and reap huge profits to investors.

7) Chatbots and IoT

In the world of mobile application development, Chatbots are expected to take various aspects of communication. The real-time interaction between the service providers and consumers will drive the use of chatbots as human-to-human communication has become highly important in various fields. Chatbots are a kind of virtual assistants that substitutes the necessity for human-to-human interactions. By the year 2025, the market for Chatbots is expected to rise to 1250 million USD. Chatbots are connected with AR and VR technologies to increase customer relationship management to a completely different level. Businesses have started to compete against each other to launch exclusive chatbot applications as they focus majorly on consumer engagement.

The mobile application development will leverage the application of IoT to develop high-performance mobile apps that can track operations quickly, boost cybersecurity, minimize expenses.

8) Mobile Wallets and Payment Gateways

Nowadays, customers look forward to safe payment methods from the applications they use. With traditional shopping styles being reduced, there has been a drastic movement from cash payments to credit cards, mobile wallets, debit cards, and digital currencies. Most of the commerce platforms are mobile compliant, businesses should integrate payment gateways and include mobile wallets such as Google Wallet, PayPal, Amazon Pay that have secure encryptions. More mobile wallets are expected to join the trend in the near future.

9) Beacons Technology

Beacon technologies are used to provide personalized level of customer service. Beacons require high-quality mobile applications to work properly and they are the elements of indoor positioning systems. Beacon frameworks are highly advantageous to organizations as it can identify your target audience and implement individual strategies to the potentially interested users.

The effective combination of Beacon technology with powerful mobile application development can result in a rapid business growth.

10) M-Commerce

Mobile Commerce has introduced digital and virtual currencies in the recent days and is an efficient method to enhance your business reach. M-commerce is one of the predominant trends that can help businesses achieve enormous sales opportunities.


Mobile apps evolve consistently. Hence, understanding and working on these trends will give businesses a clear idea on the analysis of the effectiveness of strategies.

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