Learn to build an effective WordPress website

6. Customize and optimize your website

There are numerous ways to customize your website further. With the “Settings” tab, you can customize the site title, navigation bar, etc. to find information on your website easily.

Add right SEO plug-ins to your website to rank higher in search results. Some of the WordPress SEO plug-ins includes Yoast, All in One SEO Pack, SEO Optimized Images, Broken Link Checker, and The SEO Framework. You can add a plug-in such as Yoast or All in One SEO Pack to your website to add critical SEO information to each piece of content and every website page.

7. Configure WordPress settings

Configure General, Writing, Reading, and Media settings of the WordPress website as per the requirements.

8. Install the necessary plug-ins

The final step involved in setting up a WordPress website is the installation of essential WordPress plug-ins. The WordPress repository contains over 55,000 free plug-ins; they are used to enhance the user experience and integrate social media feeds into your website. It also helps to block spammers and hackers as well as add payment gateways and create forums.

Some of the essential plug-ins for every WordPress site;

  • Google Analytics plug-ins
  • Image Optimization plug-ins
  • Security plug-ins
  • Caching plug-ins
  • SEO plug-ins
  • CRM and Contact form plug-ins
  • Expert tips to use WordPress

    There are several WordPress tricks and tactics to personalize customer experience as well as make websites dynamic and interactive. Here are a few listed;

    Some of the essential plug-ins for every WordPress site;

    • Use Image Alt Text to improve SEO rankings
    • Schedule your blog posts periodically
    • Create multi-functional and self-promotion pages
    • Download and update plug-ins
    • Use categories and create a custom menu
    • Keep organized sidebars
    • Create custom permalinks
    • Use targeted titles and descriptions
    • Use enhanced video contents and visuals

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