How to run LinkedIn Ad Campaigns?

  • Sponsored InMail Ads
  • Sponsored InMail Ads allows you to deliver personalized and private messages directly to their LinkedIn inboxes and the ads appear as a regular InMail. They are purchased on a cost per send (CPS) basis and consist of a customized subject line, call-to-action button, and a body text. It also has the ability to add a link in the message body.

    Each LinkedIn user can be sent only one Sponsored InMail message within a period of 45-days. Also, messages are sent to users only when they are active on the site.

  • Text Ads
  • Text Ads are easy to set up and manage and is an efficient way to drive traffic to your website or LinkedIn Company Page. It is displayed in the sidebar of user’s news-feeds and you are able to create multiple ad variations per campaign.

    2. Direct Sponsored Content

    Direct Sponsored Content Ads are used to personalize and test content in the user’s newsfeed and does not appear on the LinkedIn or Showcase page.

    3. Dynamic Ads

    Dynamic Ads are used to show personalized ads that are dynamically generated based on the audience’s activity. They are effective and highly engaging that helps in driving traffic to a landing page.

    4. Lead Generation Forms

    “Improvement in Lead Generation is the most important objective in marketing”, says 58% of marketers. Lead Generation Forms can fill out the information automatically with LinkedIn profile information of users that makes it easy to complete and submit the forms.

    How to create a LinkedIn Text Ad Campaign

    • 1. Sign in to Campaign Manager.
    • 2. Create a new account if you are advertising for the first time. Click ‘Create Campaign’ option and add a ‘Campaign Name’.
    • 3. Select a ‘Campaign Group’ and the ‘Website Visits’ objective.
    • 4. Finish the audience section of Campaign creation tab and Choose ‘Text Ad’ from the Ad format section.
    • 5. Complete the Budget and Schedule section with Conversion Tracking of campaign set-up.
    • 6. Click ‘Save and next’ and click ‘Save’ from the ‘Confirm save’ menu.
    • 7. You are able to select ‘Browse existing content’ or ‘Create new ad’ from the Set up Ads section.
    • 8. Select the ad from the left and click ‘Sponsor’ button to ‘Launch Campaign’ if you select ‘Browse existing content’.
    • 9. Click ‘Create new ad’ button to create a new ad. Click ‘Launch Campaign’ after completion of creating a new ad creative. Once it is approved, your ad will start serving.
    • LinkedIn is a quality lead generation platform that is used to drive conversions. LinkedIn Ads can be used to engage with the right target audience through performance optimization. By creating compelling content and testing ad variations, businesses can achieve their inbound marketing goals.

      LinkedIn Ads can be started with any budget and stopped at any time. The amount used to advertise on LinkedIn depends on you. You can control your investment in LinkedIn advertising by setting a daily budget, a total budget, and maximum bids. LinkedIn lets you choose three kinds of ad pricing: Cost-per-click (CPC), Cost-per-1,000-impressions (CPM), and Cost-per-send (CPS).

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