How can ERP software help textile and apparel manufacturers?

Benefits of installing a Textile ERP

  • Channel Management and sales generation
  • Accurate Management Information System (MIS) reporting
  • Multi-location data control
  • Inventory management and control
  • Scalability and increased security
  • Organized workflow management
  • Improvements in productivity and quality
  • Production planning and management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Order tracking and management
  • Know more about the advantages of owning textile ERP software and implement it immediately for business optimization.

    So, if you are willing to choose textile ERP software for your industry, here is a comprehensive textile ERP suite “Tex-savvy”.

    TexSaavy is an end-to-end web-based ERP platform designed to meet your textile industry’s needs from sales to shipment. They cover the requirements of all industry sub-segments as well as provide solutions for costing, order fulfillment, and HR-related activities.

    Modules include:

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