Biggest PPC Trends to look out for

Amazon has captured the attention of Google, Bing, and Facebook when it comes to the placement of ads. Further, eCommerce brands have more opportunities to reach potential buyers with a greater degree of personalization and precision.

4) Future of PPC Marketers

The role of Artificial Intelligence is tremendous in the transformation of PPC Campaigns. The future of PPC marketers depends on the analysis of using their skill set in the field of machine learning. PPC professionals should leverage smart automation for ad testing and serving, query mining, and bidding and develop skills related to new market evaluations, complex competitor strategies, and cross-channel tactics.

5) Video Marketing rules…

Video marketing will dominate as always and play a vital role in online advertising. A target user may not have the tolerance to scroll through the complete ad copy but will not find it difficult to take the information from a 30-sec video format. The video is one of the important marketing strategies to improve customer engagement as well as broadcast your products and services over the web. Videos can drive better ad placements, thereby help in obtaining high returns on low budgets.

    Statistics say that,

  • More than 8 billion videos are watched daily on Facebook.
  • More than 70% of consumers say that videos can leave a positive impression of a company.
  • 90% of customers said that watching Facebook videos convinced them to make a purchase online.
  • Over 55% of consumers consider companies that produce video content to be more trustworthy and foolproof.

6) Focus on remarketing

Why remarketing plays a major role?

It is an audience-based marketing approach that helps in securing high click-through rates (CTR) and conversions. Most of the businesses run timeless remarketing campaigns as well as reintroduce seen ads just to derive maximum profit and ROI from a single investment.

7) Voice and visual search remain constant!

Voice Search Optimization remains on the top of any digital marketing strategy.

According to reports, it is assumed that “more than 50% of all online searches will be done by voice in 2020.”

Google Ads has features to connect voice search with PPC campaigns as well as include keywords that matches voice search with virtual assistants. Hence, marketers should start framing PPC campaigns that can serve the demands of voice search requests which further helps to drive powered traffic.

Images are turning out to be the way of the future. Visual search is revolutionizing the search landscape with intelligent technology built into various platforms. It uses an image as a question instead of text, identifies objects within the image, and searches for images related to those objects.

Thus, PPC advertising will stay as the key component of an online marketing strategy. Understanding and working on the latest trends will help businesses to boost their revenue, sales, and conversions.

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