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30 May 2014

Advantages of Magento Ecommerce Platform

Its a Open source Magento is free ecommerce platform which uses open source technologies and programming languages. Magento community edition offers all the essential features needed to set up a business successfully.Community edition is available for free and for lower budgetary entrepreneurs its worth going with it. Rich in Features Magento community edition which is […]

17 October 2013

Launch a successful eCommerce store

Turn shoppers into buyers An online store must give potential customers confidence in the business and the products it offers. First of all, it has to provide an excellent user-friendly experience facilitating a trouble free shopping. There are a lot of factors that can be done to turn traffic into sales. AES is here to […]

17 October 2013

3 Factors to keep in mind during ERP implementation

If your business is growing, it is essential to purchase ERP products that can address your company’s growing needs. There are many components that go into selecting the right ERP solution. Once you have decided on the application, you must be able to quickly deploy the products to benefit their operations. Identify the business processes […]

26 August 2013

Advantages of F commerce

F commerce & Advantages : F commerce is evolving as an online channel for business to sell products and services with the support of face book. Face book environment naturally extends to online shopping where one can buy products and services using face book. The marketing power face book provides makes it as an evolving […]

25 August 2013

Role of Cloud Computing

Cloud is a familiar word in the “Internet “. Some believe it is the improvised form of utility computing .The definition extends to items outside firewall that exist in cloud. Cloud computing helps to reduce infrastructure, licensing cost. Web services: Web service providers offer API’s that enables developers to exploit functionality rather than full-blown applications. […]