Visoka – SEO Case Study

About the Project

Visoka Engineering Private Limited is one of the largest manufacturers of fine tubes which are used in industrial heat exchanger applications. They are located in Chennai, India; with well-trained engineers and supervisors, they build rich quality products for their customers since 1998.

Skill Set Used

Search Engine Optimization – Competitor analysis, business listing, social bookmarking, Google analytics, keyword optimization and website code optimization.


Visoka planned to expand their brand presence in India, but their website has the non-responsive code, lower search rankings, and poor local search traffic. We faced the challenges in converting the website code for all display devices and optimized their ranking through SEO techniques.


After consultation, we optimized the code to convert the website as the responsive one for all display devices. We analyzed their current keyword ranking position of the website and framed the SEO strategy that involves keyword research, competitor analysis, on page optimization, local listing and backlinking. With the keyword research process, we framed new geographic based keywords for the website using Google keyword planner and Google analytics.

We analyzed the competitors to find the recent industry trends and set up Google analytics, sitemap, and webmaster on the website. To improve their search engine visibility, we created a keyword based title, meta description, H1 tags, image tags and canonical tags. We improved their local ranking by building a business page in Google and by creating quality links through social bookmarking, directory listing, classified submission, forum posting, and blog commenting.


  • 50%Increase in Organic Ranking
  • 80%Increase in Local Ranking
  • 30%Increase in Conversions
L Shaped Finned Tubes110
LL Fin Tubes210
Extruded Fin Tube India223
Aluminium Extruded Fin Tube311
Extruded Finned Tubes Manufacturers417

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