Varrmas – SEO Case Study

About the Project

Varrmas Arts and Crafts is best known for their modular pooja rooms and attractive painting works; they are based at Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India. With 10+ years of industrial experience, varrmas is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of paintings across different countries. They have received the most prestigious award from lalitkalashatra for their best oil pastel painting work during the year 2007.

Skill Sets used

Search Engine Optimization – Competitor analysis, business listing, Google analytics, keyword optimization and website code optimization.


Varrmas expects optimized organic search engine rankings as it drives more customers to their website. Before SEO, their website was ranked below for the most commonly used search terms; their website suffers from huge bounce rates and several internal pages were not indexed on the search engines. The problem we faced is to enhance the website that interests the clients using digital marketing strategies.


We conducted the SEO audit on their website to identify the major Grey areas that are to be focused on the first hand; during our audit, we identify their targeted keywords through extensive keyword research using Google keyword planner and other search tools. Our team analyzes their major competitors and identifies new industrial opportunities.

We build keyword specific title, description, keywords and optimized H1 tag, Alt tag, canonical tag, and image tags to improve their search engine visibility. Our digital marketing experts set up the Google analytics and webmaster to monitor their rankings.

Being a manufacturer of paintings and modular pooja rooms, they get major revenue from local marketers in India. To improve the local customer visits, we build Google business page that has precise showroom timings, address, phone number and customer reviews.

As quality backlinking improve the website rankings, we build the links through social bookmarking, URL submission, classified submission, registration to business websites, Dmoz submission, RSS feed submission, forum posting and blog commenting. Our talented design engineers optimized the website code for mobile-friendliness and improve the website speed.


  • 50%Increase in organic search traffic
  • 30% Increase in website visitors
  • 50%reduce in Bounce rate
  • 40% increase in Conversion rate
  • 30% increase in showroom visits
Buy Online Tanjore Paintings1No
Tanjore Paintings in Coimbatore1158
Modular Pooja Room1No
Tanjore Paintings2160
Thanjavur Paintings2No

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