Crossfields- SEO Case Study

About the Project

Crossfields water purifier is a water purifier manufacturers in Coimbatore, India. They have been in the purification business for more than 25 years by offering UV, Ozone and RO water purification services. They serve the society by providing the superior water purifying solutions for many water problems in the society.

Skill Sets used

Search Engine Optimization – Competitor analysis, business listing, social bookmarking, Google analytics, keyword optimization and website code optimization


Crossfields website receives less website traffic from the online audience, they approached us to optimize the website for online visitors and generate enquires. Our digital marketing experts conducted the SEO audit to find the effective ways to raise their website conversions and improve the rankings of internal pages.


We analyzed the targeted keyword ranking positions of crossfields and identified a set of keywords that have to optimized to enhance the search engine rankings. We conducted competitor analysis to identify the digital marketing strategies used by the competitors.

Our expert digital marketing team framed an effective meta description, title and keywords to improve the rankings of the website. We created relevant backlinks to improve the search rankings through the business listing.

To improve Local SEO, we submitted the website to Google places with business information including business name, phone number, business hours and customer reviews. We analyzed the website performance in Google analytics to identify new ways to improve their business conversions.

With our consistent SEO, we improved the targeted keyword ranking position of crossfields and generated more enquires to their website. Today, crossfields is being the major water purifier manufacturer in India.


  • 50%increase in Daily conversions
  • 70%Reduced in bounce rate
  • 60%Increase in visitors to Internal Pages
  • 30%increase in Local search ranking
Uzone Water Coolers India153
Ozone Water Purifiers110
Water Purifiers Coimbatore215
Industrial Water Purifiers393
UV Water Purifiers Coimbatore310

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