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Orange Sorter
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The application is developed using Android 2.3. It is compatible on Android platform from version 2.2 to 4.x.

Orange Sorter is an Android application that keeps track of the organization’s sales engineer, service engineer and service executive’s activities. It monitors and updates the activities carried out during a field visit.

Client – The Background

Orange is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company engaged in manufacturing and selling a wide range of industrially developed Sorting Plants. Their product range includes Colour Sorting Machines, Sorting Equipments, Rice Sorters and Grain Sorting Machineries. The company deals with selling the above mentioned machineries all over the country.

The organization’s sales and marketing department has numerous activities that involve identifying the type of machinery suitable for the client, performing surveys in the client location, installing the machinery, servicing the machineries etc.

The organization faced a lot of issues handling a number of sales/ service executives travelling to client locations. Keeping all the factors in mind, AES has assisted Orange with an Android application that keeps track of the various activities carried out by the sales/ service executives.

The application has helped the organization streamline the sales and service process and establish a good discipline among the executives.

The sales/ service engineer logs onto the application and updates the status of the assigned task in their respective client’s location. The application is location based and captures the location of the user and reports the status to the administrator.

The application facilitates to capture photographs of the client’s location and upload it to the system which in turn is reported to the administrator/ reporting authority. The application serves the management officials in monitoring the activities and whereabouts of the service/ sales executives.

Challenges and Solutions

The client wanted us to use GPS for identifying the location of the user. But, this was putting a strain on the device’s battery. Hence, this issue was dealt by using device cell tower location. Another challenge was with the image capture feature in the application.

There were issues uploading large sized images. This was rectified by resizing the image to an optimum level before uploading. There was a huge challenge identifying the accurate location of the user.


The mobile application facilitates the service/sales executives to update the status of their assigned task and the expenses incurred by the same. They can update their whereabouts and the reports from the client’s location itself. The administrators/ reporting heads can keep track of all the sales/ service activities carried out by the executives under them. Therefore the senior officials have a clear view about the attendance, surveys, expenditures and sales of their respective subordinates. The application is available for download only to the employees of Orange. Orange Sorter unveils the following functionalities to the user.

  • Location based application
  • Update status of service/ sales activity
  • Enter reports for inquiry, service, and survey
  • Enter any number of expenses incurred
  • The reports updated by the executives are automatically sent as an email to the reporting authority
  • The executive’s status and location is automatically sent to the reporting authority
  • Automatic message sent to the senior official on the subordinate’s login
  • On failure to log-off, the system automatically logs off at 6:30 p.m
  • Can view reports on attendance, surveys conducted, sales, service status, expenditures etc


The application is highly beneficial for the organization as the system streamlines the entire sales and service operation. The organization has full control over the numerous sales/service executives travelling all around the country. The key benefits include

  • Higher productivity
  • Increased sales
  • Streamlined customer service
  • Enforces discipline among the employees
  • Instant sales and service reports
  • Can monitor and ascertain the sales and the executives responsible for the transaction
  • Less strain on device battery as the location is determined using the cell tower

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