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Developed using iOS and the application is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It requires iOS platform version 4.0 or later. Mobius Vibe has also been developed for Android and is available in the Android market.

Vibe is a Smart Phone Application that provides an easy way to look up machinery fault conditions based on spectrum symptoms and machine types. The application provides you with the numerous sample spectras, explanation of possible faults and detailed explanation of how to diagnose them.

The application is a resource of valuable information to technicians and engineers dealing with different types of machineries. The user logs on to the application on encountering a machinery mishap.

Client – The Background

Mobius Institute provides unique and easily understandable vibration analysis training and certification to Predictive Maintenance technicians and Reliability Engineers, allowing companies to operate at higher levels of availability and profitability.

They deliver vibration analysis and precision maintenance training through classroom and onsite courses via Authorized Training Centers and through Web-based distance learning courses.

With an intention to help technicians and engineers, Mobius Institute approached AES to develop a mobile application to guide the technicians / engineers during a machinery mishap. Their main goal is to help technicians diagnose fault conditions on the go.

He can diagnose by browsing through the various spectras or by selecting the symptom or selecting the encountered fault condition. He can also select the component and get detailed explanations and images about it. The application is very user friendly and provides detailed explanation every step deeper.

The swipe feature of the application makes navigation easier and faster. The identified spectrum is displayed with the machine image and the phase information.

Challenges and Solutions

The major challenge was to understand the technicalities of the client’s product. With a good study we were able to derive results as per the requirement. The client was very particular about the UI and our design team faced challenges designing the UI as per the client’s needs.

Every icon image was designed specifically for the application. Several images were designed out of which the client finalized a few. The team worked extra hours and over several weekends to successfully meet the client’s


The mobile application provides accurate results for a particular fault condition in the machinery. It assists any technicians and others looking to set right a faulty machine, anytime anywhere. The application is available to the users for $3.99. Mobius Vibe unveils the following functionalities to the user.

  • Diagnose any machine fault for any type of machinery from anywhere
  • Select from a list of symptoms and drill down to find machine faults and their diagnostic explanation along
  • Select from a list of machine types and drill down to see the likely faults
  • Select from a list of fault types and drill down to see sample spectra along with the phase information and machine image
  • Swipe up and down to view similar types of spectras
  • Displays the name, Phone number, address, location (in Google Maps), website, email of the entity being searched
  • Swipe left or right to view in depth explanation about the desired factor
  • Scroll through 80 spectral images


  • User friendly
  • Solve machinery faults instantly and accurately

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