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The Virtual immersive experience is one of the most sought after when it comes to automotive buying behaviour. Getting to the car inside out literally makes the purchase decision swift and helps the brands to showcase the features and look and feel even without visit to the dealership. Today especially with post-covid behaviour it’s imperative to have a virtual immersive web experience for auto makers to drive home their point and also get maximum eyeballs that will lead to bookings.


Mercedes Benz is a world leader in automotive business and is a classic example of being a the top of Maslow’s Hierarchy, and is generally associated with being affluent and premium. On the global front, Mercedes-Benz AG is responsible for the global business of Mercedes-Benz Cars and Mercedes-Benz Vans, with over 170,000 employees. Mercedes-Benz AG is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of luxury passenger cars. In 2020, it sold around 2.1 million passenger cars and nearly 375,000 vans. The product portfolio comprises the Mercedes-Benz brand with the sub-brands of Mercedes-AMG, Mercedes-Maybach, Mercedes-EQ, G-Class and the smart brand.

  • 170,000


  • 2.1 million

    Passenger Car

  • 375,000


The Brief

A web based immersive experience of the car, its colour and its specifications that will make it easy and more importantly delve deep into the various features at a click of a button. This was done for the Mercedes Benaz EQ, and we called it EQC-Virtual-Experience.

The online consumer behavior has changed a lot and there is a lot of pre-sales that happens online with information consumed across various portals and videos etc.

One of the most important presence is the web presence and an ideal virtual reality which can take the customer to a near actual presence at the dealership would actually propel the sales cycle forward and this is very important when new features are introduced. The look and feel in a web environment adds to the technical specs that go with other collateral right from advertising to the brochures.


AES worked on the brand premise and decided to work on a light weight tech stack that would give a seamless experience even in a low bandwidth scenario.

The zoom in and zoom out of almost every feature that would interest the customer was worked to real time specifications and delivered to perfection. The team worked in tandem with the client in getting all the source images and videos that would give the best output when online. The team also chose one of the easiest and browser agnostic platform to deliver the solution of the immersive web experience.

Being browser agnostic is one of the most important criteria given that there should not be any break in the journey to the web experience. This is one of the USPs of AES and that gives a lot more than just a web experience. The 360 degree views and breathtaking interiors and cool outdoor exteriors meant a delightful customer experience of looking at one of their aspirational car.


This was a hit among their customers and led to a very fast booking cycle. Any immersive experience has the capability to reduce the booking cycle and given in the social media world it would be a perfect addition to the social media communication that is happening and could be portrayed as check it our for yourself even before the car comes to the dealerships.

Tech USP

AES is specialised in offering new age services like 3D-commerce, 3D-mobile application and enterprise applications which helps the user to customize their products in 3D way with a simple user interface which can run on any platform and any device. Our services increases the audience engagement and lead to better profitability.

AES believes in making customer delight the brand statement for the clients they work with, thus driving home the philosophy of making it happen for the brands on the marketing and sales side of business. Our intervention is one of the most critical when it comes to consumer purchase especially in the automotive segment. Research have shown that virtual immersive experience can help a lot of logistic issues and also get serious buyers for the brands.

Research Conclusions

  • 3D Interactive Contents Generates 200% More conversion than the Passive content
  • Interactive Contents Differentiates them their Competitors
  • 400 % to 500% More Page views than the static content
  • More effective when it comes to educating the customer
  • Interactive content has reusable values
  • Resulting multiple visitors and multiple exposure
  • 91% b2b buyers prefer to consume Interactive content

Our tech advantage with webGL will help deploy web immersive virtual solutions across the sales cycles across product categories and help customer to make their decisions as fast as their cars that they are buying. The deployment of light weight tech from AES makes it easy for the brands to add our offering just by adding some lines of codes.


  • Our web experience is transformational when it get to the consumers
  • 3D photo-realistic images showcase products and test floor plans, eliminates inventory burdens
  • Allows for informed decisions to be made for efficient visual merchandising
  • Helps define sales-driven and intelligent use of space and floor planning
  • Captures 360° visibility of retail performance in real-time
  • Talk to us, to get your product delivered in real-time virtually and fasten the sales process. We are just a call or a click away!
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