Magento Ecommerce Shopping Portal

Magento Ecommerce Shopping Portal
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Industry – Retail

To move ahead of the value chain as a part of strategic move it felt the need to have an online presence to cater the GEN X and add more value to customer.

Our Client is a leading retailer in south India with presence in major cities. Their brand has a robust recalling and Brand image by people across major south Indian states. With thousands of people on its payroll it made a drastic impact on Indian retail industry.

The requirement

Retail is a Capital-intensive highly competitive industry. With decreasing margins owing to inflation and other external, internal factors, efficient IT system is the need of the hour to make Retail viable. Effective use of cutting edge technologies to decrease cost and increased value to business is possible through online marketing.

Online store is a unique solution to meet the demands of generations x and to cater the needs of High net worth individuals who are on the move and find hard to get time for a conventional shopping. But the trick lies in the customization and variety of an online store.

Our Proposal

AES recommended the client for the use of Magento owing to its strong community support and for its enhanced features above all it is an open source, which results in significant cost savings to the customer. Further in feature if need arises for migration Magento supports it with ease to migrate options. Magento enterprise edition comes with extensive support for security as well.

Magento provides rich set of marketing, promotional tools in the form of coupons, which aids in upselling, cross selling of products. The Ready to use landing page acts as a marketing catalyst to attract customers. Polls to gauge customer opinion, wish list are some of the rich marketing tools in Magento.

Magento provides multilingual language support, Multi currency options to support wide audience across the globe. Product browsing options comes with details, which shows about the availability of products with zooming options that gives touch and feel effect.

Effective order management system to manage inventory of items and ensures smooth delivery to customer, which ensures positive cash flow as well. Ease to generate invoices for the orders assure efficiency. Resource rich tools ensure Magento as the right choice for the retailer. Because it aids in Inventory management, Customer management, order tracking, payment gateway .In a gist Magento is the right choice for the online retailer.

Implementation Highlights

As any Ecommerce portal will have basic functionalities of a site .We tend to differ from conventional site in design and easy to use features .In design SEO friendly lay out was drawn. As customers need to make decision swiftly touch and feel effects are imparted in design through product display and zoomingoptions. Customization ensures that site is uniquely designed to meet the needs of client. Banner advertisements are easily managed with due admin control features.

Simple check out mechanism to make smooth purchases are highly customized in an easy to use mechanism are drawn specifically for the retailer .E catalogue or brochures which are marketing flyers in conventional sense are customized.

Customized admin dash boards to view and compare enquires on a certain week, and number of visits to conversion, Inventory level of stocks, Most popular items, information on offer, sale, state specific taxes, payment gateway integration, shopping cart are customized to meet the requirements of retailer.

And also were provided with promotional tools to promote an individual product based on category, total price i.e. discount can be given for a certain price range.

Google analytics integrated with the website efficiently tracked the flow of traffic for a specific page or a keyword or a product. Based on these gathered information Internet marketing strategies were drawn.

Unique landing pages are created for promoting sales during festival occasion. Effective pay per click campaign (ppc) ensured the success of web site. Social media integration ensured the sites objective by consistently keeping in touch with client’s objective. Our unique customization to match the needs of client’s business objectives ensures quick return on investment to the client.

Key Challenges

  • Stay ahead on use of cutting edge technologies.
  • Increase customer reach across geographies through use of technology.
  • Attract GEN X customers.
  • Targeted advertising via social media.
  • User-friendly web site.

Key Benefits

  • Increased revenue, Quicker return on investment (ROI)
  • User friendly design which enables customers to make Firm decision on purchase
  • Focused advertising. Spend on advertising can be easily measured through use of analytics.
  • Entry into New vertical in the field of business i.e. online

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