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Growth avenues is an advisory, consultancy & training company head quartered in Mumbai, which deals on stock, commodities, capital markets etc.

Advice, Tips given by growth avenues are very popular in Indian capital markets. The promoters and management team has a strong background and professional experience in stock markets. In house training programme on technical functionalities, behavior of stock market is a must to know for beginners who intends to make a presence in the complex world of stocks, commodities & shares respectively.

Software solution

Advanced Ecom solutions was started in the year 1999, within a decade AES had emerged as a world class player in offering niche solutions in the field of Web, Mobile and Ecommerce solutions to significant number of small and medium enterprise (SME) across the world. We provide end-to-end business solutions.

Due to globalization and development in technologies the word change has become the paradigm of business globally. Our firm resolve to maximize profit and increased return and keep the customer at the top of value chain has helped us to grow significantly and achieve many milestones. AES is the preferred IT partner for many small and medium enterprise (SME) across the globe.

Capital Advisors

Growth avenues render financial advice to registered members. Stock markets to an extent based on probabilities and speculation .The nature itself conveys the complexity of business and its understandings. Business reports suggest those who invest money on the advice of professionals make more money than those who invest by gut feeling and ignorance.

World has become globalised after the spread of web2.0 and social media. Commodities are products, which are more complex in nature owing to seasonal fluctuations in stock market and influenced by various political and geographical factors .Yet those who entered the market with sound technical and professional advice had minted billions of dollars with ease. Further Historical data makes or breaks the business .It is the lure to make money attracts people to invest in capital market.

Over the years market has been deeply regulated by governmental agencies. So tremendonous amount of passion, research is needed to excel in the business. Timing is another crucial factor to make right entry and exit in the stock market. Consistent advice with alert based on sound fundamentals yields rich dividends.

Rise in house hold income and growing investment opportunities enable people to invest in commodities and capital markets. Cutting edge technology makes research easier at a faster rate and reach of an advising company can be enhanced as well.

  • Secured system
  • Multi language support to investors across the world
  • Accuracy in maintaing historical data
  • Effective, Easy to maintain site management by the administrators
  • Storing of huge volumes of data, delivery of alerts.

Joomla – the right choice of software

Business Analysis

After detailed research, functioning of client business a complete understanding of viable functionalities are drawn by our team of researchers, and exact specifications are drawn and discussed with executives of growth avenue before kick starting the software development.

Joomla Features

Joomla is award winning content management system (CMS), which delivers powerful web sites and solutions. Easy to use, extensibility makes joomla most popular. Magazines, newspapers, online reservation system, Small business, religious organizations, are those who use joomla to a large extent. Worlds popular web sites use joomla owing to its easy to manage content features. Many organizations have varied needs if those are not supported by joomla then joomla framework lends a effective hand .The more active community support makes joomla more secured and dynamic.

User management

User management in joomla comes with effective permission rights, which supports nine users based on hierarchies, which is a must for site like growth avenues to protect real facts and figures.

File management

Files of different types can be easily uploaded, modified, deleted even by a basic training to a layman. Significant use of video, audio, and photo images are saved and used effectively in joomla.

Multi language support

If the site owner wants site to be in English and administrator panel in other language joomla supports this feature extensively .As distance had been reduced owing to development in technology people from different nationalities or expatriate persons can be immensely benefitted from Multi language technology

Banner Support

Banner manager helps to modify / Upload /Delete advertisement, themes which significantly influences the visitor and enhances the brand of portal. Easy to use functionalities saves time and improves the efficiency of site administrators.

Polls /surveys

Client engagement, interaction is the norm of the day in any online business. Visitors flock the web site if word of mouth is up to very good standards. Daily polls on relevant topics and survey of it improve end user engagement, which is highly possible through joomla.

Content management

Joomla’s content management system helps to manage content anytime anywhere with the facility for user to rate the article and review it with due administrator permissions. Users can rate an article or save it into a pdf and mail it to a friend are some of the possibilities through joomla. Administrators can safe guard the articles in archives with user permissions.

Creating content with ability to integrate and combine text and image is an attractive option in joomla. Once article is implemented preinstalled module to show most read and popular article adds more visibility to the eyes on effective articles.

Syndication of contents, extensibility, Template management are the features which effectively bridges the need of the client so after thorough analysis on requirement of customer we recommended growth avenues to use Joomla as the right choice of software

Above all joomla is open source which robust, easy to use comes with significant cost savings to the client as a result joomla is the apt choice of software for growth avenues.

Customized Solutions

Our customized solutions are designed in every way to make life easy for site owners and users .Any registered users can log into the site and access the resources. Easy to fill forms with captcha support to prevent spamming is in place. Search option is more customized to look for products with ease. Multi language support helps native administrators to communicate effectively with varied audience. Registered users can login and view white papers based on variety of topics .End users can register their feedbacks and participate in polls and write testimonials, which are integrated with print options. Effective site map and SEO optimized set up ensures more traffic.

Word press blog is effectively integrated with joomla through plug-in where users can view the article and rate it by giving their details. Options for webinars are available .The site supports multiple payment gateway providers so that customers can purchase the articles which they desire.

Customers are sent SMS alerts based on intra /inter day calls. Training calendar and tools to download for technical analysis are provided. Tools for Fibonacci and other methods can be easily downloaded. Features to access historical archives and data are provided with due permissions based on user.

Site has been effectively integrated with social media, which is the order of the day .All major social medias like you tube, linkedin, face book, digit, delicious, redit, MySpace ensures more visitors which in turn leads to visibility and business.

Banner advertisement with easy posting options and effective integration of videos are highly customized to give more joy to end user and administrators. Easy to manage content and user based on hierarchies significantly protects data and makes content posting easier which is the major reason behind opting joomla as the right choice of software.

Effective blog maintenance, SMS alerts RSS feeds, Training calendar which high lights course schedules, carousels, sms alerts, social media integration SEO setup, Google analytics are integrated with the site with high degree of customization.

Client Benefits

  • User friendliness
  • Easy to manage system for site administrator
  • Increased reach and traffic.
  • High degree of security and support
  • Significant cost savings.

Implementation partners

  • Joomla
  • PHP
  • Word press
  • Flash

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