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Fuel quest

Fuel quest is a company based at Houston in (Texas). Fuel quest offers on demand fuel management solution, Tax automation and compliance solution for suppliers, distributors and traders of other energy products and commodity.

The company delivers enormous savings and reliability to customers by Investing more in people, process, and technology to solve the fuel problem than any other vendor. Fuel quest integrates all major suppliers .All aspects of fuel management is integrated and complied with rules of the land i.e. united states of America.

Fuel quest offers outsourced fuel management services to customers who wish to leverage in-house experts and technology to control and manage the fuel supply. Fuel quest offers total customer satisfaction with world-class support.


Advanced Ecom solutions was started in the year 1999, within a decade AES had emerged as a world class player in offering niche solutions in the field of Web, Mobile and Ecommerce solutions to significant number of small and medium enterprise (SME) across the world. We provide end-to-end business solutions. Due to globalization and development in technologies the word change has become the paradigm of business globally.

Our firm resolve to maximize profit, increased return and keep the customer at the top of value chain had helped us to grow significantly and achieve many milestones. AES is the preferred IT partner for small and medium enterprise (SME) across the globe.

The business

United States of America is a vast country in terms of land mass and size .The goods needs to be sent across the country. Fleet owners feel the wrath of fuel price rise .To provide efficient service to fleet owners in terms of varied state tax structure and service them in providing customized benefits to user by following the independent strategy is the objective of fuel quest.

Fuel price rise are curse to any fleet operators. Fuel quest provides software services that drive cost and shield from price fluctuations. Fuel quest drives down the cost and minimize the impact of price by centralized supply, strategic relationship, process automation

Fuel quest fleet operators attain greater efficiency. Further fuel quest helps fleet owners by providing services, which helps to

  • Reduce cost, invoice over and under payments
  • Centralized efficient procurement
  • Theft detection, Streamline delivery

Fuel quest through fuel centre provides 4to 6 gallon of savings to customer by optimizing and directing all activities. Fuel quest does not own any retail outlets, trucks etc. The company provides supplier independent strategy, Benchmark analysis and service. Fuel centre helps to save costs associated with fuel management. Fuel centre provides recommendations on supply, pricing strategy risk, inventory management, detailed reconciliation prices taxes etc.

Further helps in performance bench marking as well. Embracing technology proves to key factor in improving the marginal savings for clients, which at end of the year accumulate into a whole figure with increased savings. By using fuel quest technology customer can have significant benefits.

  • Easy to use content management system (CMS)
  • User friendliness
  • Data storage and migration

Joomla – the right choice of software

Joomla is award winning content management system (CMS), which delivers powerful web sites and solutions. Easy to use, extensibility makes joomla most popular. Magazines, newspapers, online reservation system, Small business, religious organizations, are those who use joomla to a large extent. Worlds popular web sites use joomla owing to its easy to manage content features

Many organizations have varied needs if those are not supported by joomla then joomla framework lends a effective hand .The more active community support makes joomla more secured and dynamic. Easy to post content management system makes joomla the preferred choice of worlds leading web sites.

User management in joomla comes with effective permission rights, which supports nine users based on hierarchies. Files of different types can be easily uploaded, modified, deleted even by a basic training to a layman. Significant use of video, audio, and photo images are saved and used effectively in joomla.

If the site owner wants site to be in English and administrator panel in other language joomla supports this feature extensively .As distance had been reduced owing to development in technology people from different nationalities or expatriate persons can be immensely benefitted from Multi language technology.

Banner manager helps to modify / Upload /Delete advertisement, themes which significantly influences the visitor and enhances the brand of portal. Easy to use functionalities saves time and improves the efficiency of site administrators.

Joomla content management system helps to manage content anytime anywhere with the facility for user to rate the article and review it with due administrator permissions. Users can rate an article or save it into a pdf and mail it to a friend are some of the possibilities through joomla. Administrators can safe guard the articles in archives with user permissions.

Creating content with ability to integrate and combine text and image is an attractive option in joomla. Once article is implemented preinstalled module to show most read and popular article adds more visibility to the eyes on effective articles. Syndication of contents, extensibility, Template management are the features which effectively bridges the need of the client so after thorough analysis on requirement of customer we recommended growth avenues to use Joomla as the right choice of software Above all joomla is open source which robust, easy to use comes with significant cost savings to the client as a result joomla is the apt choice of software for fuel quest.

Customized Solutions

Our custom Joomla content management system (CMS) comes with due administrative rights to access and post contents .As data needs to be more secured and archives should be used for further research. AES Custom joomla solutions guarantee easy to post /modify /save /edit features. With basic training our solutions ensured that it is quite easy to post and maintain content by a layman.

Our SEO optimized setup in terms of search engine friendly urls, Meta tags, and site map, integration of Google analytics code ensures more traffic to the web site. Customized integration ensures the blog to exist along the web site.

As fleet owners of Hispanic /Mexican/Asian origin will be more interested to access the features if the site provides Multilanguage support. Solutions are designed in such a way to make end user and administrator to use the language of their choice.

Our webinar solutions ensured that even a recorded series on topics could be watched. And provision is made so that more users can participate and share view at the time of lecture. Registration forms are in place for webinar registration. Visually artistic calendar, which conveys news and events, are displayed with elegance.

As web site or ebusiness grows by user interaction news letters are delivered to customers at free of cost when registered with fuel quest based on category they selected .To prevent spamming the form is provided with adequate security. White papers which talks about benefits to customers on different verticals are displayed in PDF format with options to download, view and print can be viewed after due registration. Fuel quest sells software fuel centre, which equips the client in solving the problem. Social media integration is customized accordingly to meet their needs. Banner advertisements, with easy to display informations are implemented to give strong appeal and update on latest information.

Implementation Partners

  • Joomla
  • Google analytics
  • Word press
  • Adobe

Client Benefits

  • Easy to maintain content management system
  • Interactive and user friendly site
  • Increased Traffic

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