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The application is developed using iOS and is compatible on iOS platforms from version 4.0 to 6.x. iDispensaries is also developed using Android(2.2) and is compatible on Android versions 1.6 to 2.3.3

iDispensaries is a Smart Phone Application connecting Medical Marijuana Patients/Patrons to Dispensaries, CO-OPs, Collectives, Centers, Coffee shops, Delivery Services, Head Shops and Smoke Shops.

The application is a location based program that helps the user search for the above mentioned services available in their current location.The system locates the current location of the user and by default displays all the dispensaries available within 5 miles.

Client – The Background

Our client Ronald’s mission is to help Marijuana patients/ patrons locate Dispensaries, CO-OPs, Collectives, Centers, Coffeeshops, Delivery Services, Head Shops and Smoke Shops globally.

Though their focus is on supporting Patients with valuable information, they also provide Dispensaries, Coffee shops, Delivery Services, Head Shops and Smoke Shops a platform to showcase and edit their available services.

Ronald has a complete web-based iDispensaries. AES technologies has assisted him in taking his mission to the next level by making his application mobile.

An iPhone and Android application was developed for iDispensaries to help patients/patrons search for their desired services on the go. With the mobile application it is very useful and easy for the patients to locate their desired service anytime and anywhere.

The user can extend his search limit varying from 1 mile to 25,000 miles. The user can make his search based on city, state, postal-code or by name of the firm.

The Patients/ Patrons not only have access to the locator services but also to an extensive Cannabis resource database.

Challenges and Solutions

The major challenge was to derive accurate search results based on the location of the user. There were issues faced when the system was not able to identify the location. The team worked extensively on the GPS and made sure that the system provides accurate results at any point of time.

The other challenges were understanding the existing system and deriving features that can enhance the available functionality.

The timeline provided was extremely tight and this ad-hoc requirement was somewhat off-track to the regular course of development plan.

The team worked extra hours and over several weekends to successfully meet the client’s time line.


The mobile application provides accurate search results to the user from anywhere. The application is available as a free download and a paid download. The free download can be upgraded anytime based on the user’s satisfaction. iDispensaries unveils the following functionalities to the user.

  • GLOBAL Search for Dispensaries
  • Search can be based on city, state or pin code
  • Performs search for a particular dispensary
  • Displays closest Entity location first (by default)
  • Can search for entities ranging from 1 mile to 25,000 miles
  • Displays the name, Phone number, address, location (in Google Maps), website, email of the entity being searched
  • Shows the Hours of Operation (if provided)
  • Launch to Entity Website (if provided)
  • One Touch email launch (if provided)
  • One touch call from iPhone
  • Dispensary/Head Shop Specials (if provided)
  • Dispensary Strain Library (if provided)
  • Ability to save Favorites
  • Access to the LARGEST Strain Library


The application is highly beneficial to users who are trying to locate dispensaries/ Head Shops in their locality.

  • Accurate results based on the current location
  • Dynamic search range
  • Find exact location with the help of google maps

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