Healthcare Retail

Healthcare Retail
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Industry – Healthcare Retail – B2B and B2C

The objective is to create online shopping cart website with customizable user interface and with admin control panel. The client requirement is to manage front end and back end with two different frameworks. AES Technologies met client expectation by providing ease access to shop products online, manage customers and additional features like address suggestion (QAS), promotional gift offers and so on.

Why Magento & Concrete5?

Magento is a very powerful and fast growing ecommerce script. It is an open-source platform using Zend framework and MySQL databases.Magento offers great flexibility through its modular architecture is completely scalable and has a wide range of control options to its users.

We used Magento for efficient Management of Product Catalog, Inventory, Orders, Shipment, Promotions and Customer at the Backend.

We achieved this by using Magento core API and our own custom API. Concrete5 used for Dynamic page design.

To generate and manage dynamic pages based on user design, static and dynamic blocks were be created and embedded in desired pages. These blocks and designed pages were created as per client needs.

Implementation Highlights

The project was designed to be implemented on two completely different frameworks was an idea of the client. Through research and our expertise it was made possible. We provided user friendly and easily manageable online shopping cart site. We retrieved products from Magento and displayed in concrete5 using web services.

Provided online shopping, QAS address suggestions and validation based on the search address key words. We rendered backend support and met all client queries well on time. Client was satisfied with our extended support and we contributed to deliver the site with standardized quality.

Our Proposal

We provided user manageable front end based on concrete5 framework and admin control panel was structured using Magento enterprise edition.The requirement is to use the functionalities of Magento like Product catalog, Inventory, Orders, Promotions, Shipment and Customer which we achieved through web services. We utilized Magento admin control panel, concrete5 complete framework to meet the client requirements.

Customized Solutions

Retail industry grows on Offers, deals, and discounts. Our customized banner ad management solution helps to post advertisement with ease by site administrators. Compare price option feature helps the customer to compare and enable them in making a decision irrespective of products on the portal.

Site search option enables the customer to narrow down the products, which they are after. Further search option is supported based on higher prices/lower prices/alphabets etc. Easy to shop shopping cart with option to go back to the product page is customized. Secured payment gateway integration ensures the customer a peace of mind after shopping. Customer support is provided with online chat options, email support and telephone.

Customized admin dashboards equip the administrators to monitor inventory level, which aids them in stock management. Reporting tools further designed to give an idea on best selling product of the day, week, month, and price etc. SEO optimized set up further provides the site administrators to know about the no of page visits and visitors.

Social media integration further ensures the company to gauge the minds of genx audience and target the products. Our solutions ensured that site loads at a faster time.


By our methodical research & analysis in carefully evaluating the needs of customer AES recommended the shop script as the right choice of software in meeting client needs.

Successful implementation of solution with efficient physical support in packaging and rapid delivery ensured smart shoppers to grow year on year even in the turmoil periods.

Implementation Partners

  • Shop script
  • HTML
  • Google analytics
  • Linux/windows server


  • Customized Admin dashboards.
  • Easy to generate reports.
  • Customized shopping carts
  • Flexible banner Ad management

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