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Smartshoppers is an online web portal which sells electronic gadgets like camera, laptops, photographic, electronic, gaming, and accessories. Smart shoppers provide immense value to customer in terms of price and quality.

Software solution provider:

Shop script the Right Choice

Online retail industry functions exactly like the physical one except that it has huge savings on physical space. If the site is online customers across the globe will buy products, as a result multi lingual support is the need of the hour to make global audience easy to shop with.

Once a product is ordered order management is essential for effective delivery with out chaos. Shopscript ensures color-coded features to support order management. Crossselling, affiliate marketing, recommended product, which helps to enhance sale, is a reality through shop script.

Ready to use template, widgets for marketing which all helps the owners in increasing sales are provided in shopscript.

Discount systems to clear out stock are enabled through shopscript. Google maps, SEO friendly urls comes along shop script. Shopscript can be hosted in varied server, which helps client in accumulating cost benefits.

Features to store files, photos, and Export data, option to enhance product categories through sales of digital files can be done through shop script. Shop script supports major payment gateway providers and shipping companies. More over at least 5000 leading portals across the world use shopscript.

After a thorough research and analysis of client’s requirement we suggested shopscript as the right choice of software to meet clients need.

Advanced ecom solutions

Advanced Ecom solutions was started in the year 1999, within a decade AES had emerged as a world class player in offering niche solutions in the field of Web, Mobile and Ecommerce solutions to significant number of small and medium enterprise (SME) across the world. We provide end-to-end business solutions.

Due to globalization and development in technologies the word change has become the paradigm of business globally. Our firm resolve to maximize profit and increased return and keep the customer at the top of value chain has helped us to grow significantly and achieve many milestones. AES is the preferred IT partner for many small and medium enterprises (SME) across the globe.


Innovative, Customized, Scalable, Affordable, Interactive, world-class solution.

Online retail industry – Electronics

Electronic retailing is a wafer thin margin intensive business. People buy in online portals in order to save cost .To compete and excel in this industry the company has to grab every opportunity in reducing cost. Owing to innovation every company is ready to offer new products in the following month .So stocking an item leads to inventory pile up. This in turn affects performance of the company. When economy is in good condition the business generally grows at a scorching pace.


  • Creating a highly user friendly, secured website
  • Easy methodology to create banner advertisement
  • To increase sales through use of cutting edge technologies
  • Effective order, inventory management
  • Faster loading time

Software development Model

AES followed agile methodology in implementing solutions for smart shoppers which ensures quality development, deployment in all parts of software development life cycle.


Retail industry grows on Offers, deals, and discounts. Our customized banner ad management solution helps to post advertisement with ease by site administrators. Compare price option feature helps the customer to compare and enable them in making a decision irrespective of products on the portal.

Site search option enables the customer to narrow down the products, which they are after. Further search option is supported based on higher prices/lower prices/alphabets etc. Easy to shop shopping cart with option to go back to the product page is customized. Secured payment gateway integration ensures the customer a peace of mind after shopping. Customer support is provided with online chat options, email support and telephone.

Customized admin dashboards equip the administrators to monitor inventory level, which aids them in stock management. Reporting tools further designed to give an idea on best selling product of the day, week, month, and price etc. SEO optimized set up further provides the site administrators to know about the no of page visits and visitors.

Social media integration further ensures the company to gauge the minds of genx audience and target the products. Our solutions ensured that site loads at a faster time.


  • Shop script
  • Html
  • Google analytics
  • Linux/windows server


  • Customized Admin dashboards.
  • Easy to generate reports.
  • Customized shopping carts
  • Flexible banner Ad management


By our methodical research & analysis in carefully evaluating the needs of customer AES recommended the shop script as the right choice of software in meeting client needs.

Successful implementation of solution with efficient physical support in packaging and rapid delivery ensured smart shoppers to grow year on year even in the turmoil periods.

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